10 Hardworking People Who became the Richest Celebrities of the World

Hardworking People Who became the Richest CelebritiesWe all need motivation, isn’t it? Motivation to live, motivation to work and motivation to bear hardships and keep excelling. If you think you cannot take it more, here are 10 of those hardworking people who became the richest celebrities of the world after rendering their lives to their business and earning the title of the richest ones!

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Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault got rich after working hard

He is now 63 years old and belongs to France and is the chairman of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. Although his ranked has fallen over time but his net worth is still around $41 billion.

Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane Bettencourt got rich after working hard

She is 90 years old and is the very famous L’Oreal heiress. Her net worth is around 30 billion dollars and all of that is because of her hard work and shares of the cosmetic firms invested.

Li Ka-shing

Li Ka-shing got rich after working hard

He is a very famous Hong Kong business person and investor of his time. His net worth is around 28 billion dollars which started from his modest commencement in China when he was only a son of a local teacher.

David Koch

David Koch got rich after working hard

With the net worth of 34 billion dollars he is now one of the most hardworking American business man, philanthropist and chemical engineer. He started off being just a graduate in chemical engineering and now he is vice president of Koch industries.

Charles Koch

Charles Koch got rich after working hard

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in general engineering and then in chemical engineering later on, it is because of his hard work that now he is co-chairman of Koch industries and involves in exclusive oil refineries and chemicals.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellisongotrich after working hard

He is the CEO of Oracle Company and his net worth is around 43 billion dollars making him one of the richest yet most hardworking businessmen of the world.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett got rich after working hard

He was always interested in making and saving money since he was a small child and this is why he is an eminent American business person and one of the most influential people on this planet.

Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega got rich after working hard

He used to travel a lot because of the job requirement of his father but despite of all the hard exertion he had to give, he managed to became a famous fashion executive in Spain and chairman of the Inditex fashion group of all times.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates got rich after working hard

His name is not novel for anyone; he is the cofounder of the Microsoft Company and used to be a college dropout of his time. His net worth is around 67 billion dollars.

Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Helu got rich after working hard

He is a much acknowledged Mexican telecom entrepreneur and is one of the number one richest people we have in this world. With an increment of 4 billion dollar net worth it is now total of 73 billion dollars this year.

Reading about such celebrities surely introduce a new feeling of motivation within.


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