29 Richest People of Japan in 2013

Japan 29 Richest of 2013

Richest-people-of-japan.jpgJapan is one of those developed country which enjoys its economy and the fact that the country is rich in talent, education and technology. Despite of the disastrous flood that the country encountered back in 2011 that destroyed half of the country’s industrial assets, Japan stood up itself without asking for helps from friend countries. Respecting its own customs and traditions, the Japanese all over the world feels proud to speak Japanese as a language only and do not follow English as holily as many of other countries do.

On account of its extreme popularity and share in the world , here are 29 most richest people of Japan in 2013 as revealed by Forbes.com.

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1)Tadashi Yanai & Family

Net Worth: $15.5 billion

Source: Retail

Tadashi Yannai & Family

The 76th richest man in the world, who graduated in Economics and Politics, is the president of Fast Retailing and unique clothing is one of its subsidiaries. He is one of the most influential businessmen of Japan.

2)Nobutada Saji family

Net Worth: $10.7 billion

Source: Food and Brewer

Nobutada Saji family

The MBA student of University of California is now the chief executive of the Japan’s fourth largest food and brewer corporation, Suntory Ltd.

3)Masayoshi Son

Net Worth: $9.1 billion

Source: Banking

Masayoshi Son

He is the most influential person and the renowned individual known for his determination towards his goal. The chief executive officer of SoftBank and chairman of Sprint Corporation once adopted the Japanese surname to avoid discrimination by having a Korean surname.

4)Hiroshi Mikitani

Net Worth: $6.4 billion

Source: Electronics

Hiroshi Mikitani

The man who loves English probably after studying from Harvard University, has implemented a plan called as, Englishnization, to promote English, is currently the CEO of Rakuten, the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest sites by sale.

5)Kunio Busujima & family

Net Worth: $5.2 billion

Source: Machine manufacturer

kunio Busujima & family

One of the Japan’s most demanding supplier of pachinko machines, is the founder and chairman of Sankyo

6)Akira Mori & family

Net Worth: $5 billion

Source: Real Estate

Akira Mori & family

The successor of the father’s company Mori Building is the president and CEO of Mori Trust that deals with the real estate in the estate.

7)Takemitsu Takizaki

Net Worth: $4.7 billion

Source: Electronic components

Takemitsu Takizaki

The biggest supplier of sensors and electronic components for automation purposes is always building up its deep pool of technology from investment in R&D.

8)Han Chang- Woo & family

Net Worth:  $3.4 billion

Source: Investing, Entrepreneurship

Han Chang- Woo & family

Another Korean family that has migrated to Japan to earn the name. He has spend majority of his wealth to create friendly relationship between Korea and Japan via the scholarships from the money he get via his bowling alleys, movie theater and Pachinko parlors.

9)Keiichiro Takahara

Net Worth: 3.3 billion

Source: Sanitary Items Manufacturer

Keiichiro Takahara

His business flourished with ever increasing population of Japan and ruminants of population in form of large amount of old people this led to huge increase in diaper demands exceeding children diaper needs.

10)Masatoshi  Ito

Net Worth: $2.8 billion

Source: Retail Industry

Masatoshi  Ito

He is the owner of second largest retailing industry in the world. His empire just for starting comprises of more than 10,000 7Elevens stores in US and Japan along with multiple other businesses.

11)Shoji Uehara

Net Worth: $2.5 billion

Source: Pharmaceuticals

Shoji Uehara

Honorary chairman of pharmaceutical company named Taisho Pharmaceuticals which is proud producer of energy drink Lipovitan one is the biggest hit in Japanese population.

12)Masahiro Miki

Net Worth: $2.4 billion

Source: Retail, Self made

Masahiro Miki

Founder of ABC-mart a discounted footwear retailer. Recently ABC acquired Lacross Footwear spending humoungous amount of $138 million.

13)Hiroshi Yamauchi

Net Worth: $2.5 billion

Source: Nintendo

Hiroshi Yamauchi

He was third president of Nintendo and the man responsible for the Nintendo success. It was his ambition and hard work that Nintendo just a card making company now listed one of the best video game manufacturing company.

14)Hiroko Takei & family

Net Worth: $2.1 billion

Source: Finance Company

Hiroko Takei & family

She inherited fortune along with her children from her deceased husband Yosuo. The company TFK corp. went into bankruptcy in 2010 and lawsuits still trying to sail the company to some shore.

15)Yoshikazu Tanaka

Net Worth: $1.9 billion

Source: Entrepreneur

Yoshikazu Tanaka

He is the mastermind and maker of one of the globe most successful social networking site called Gree with over million users around the globe.

17)Kanazawa Brothers

Net Worth: $1.6 billion

Source: Gaming Machines

He is the owner of privately held Sanyo Bussan which is famous for making gambling machines and sporting bikini-clad figures.

18)Kinoshita Brothers

Net Worth: $1.56 billion

Source: Finance

Kyosuke Kinoshita is the chairman of Acom, one of Japan’s largest consumer loan comapanies, founded by his father Masao Kinoshita and uncle Shigeyoshi Kinoshita. The comapany became a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group in 2009 after MUFG bought 40% of Acom’s share.

19)Katsumi Tada

Net Worth: $1.52 billion

Source: Real Estate

He is the Founder of Japanese commercial and residential developer, Daito Trust Construction. He stepped down as chairman in June. Last March sold his stake back to company, netting nearly $2 billion.

20)Kazuo Okada & family

Net Worth: $ 1.5 billion

Source: Casinos and Self-made

The chairman of Arzue Corporation has long drawn a mix of praise, scrutiny and criticism in Japan, recently he is under criminal investigation related to his Philippine casino.

21)Chizuko & Michio Matsui

Net Worth: $1.4 billion

Source: Finance in Matsui Securities

Chizuko is the daughter of Matsui Securities founder Takeshi; her husband, Michio, took Matsui name and now runs company. Stock price is up over 85% over the past year as revenues rise with uptick in new accounts and more relaxed margin-trading regulation.

22)Minoru and Yuji Otsuka

Net Worth: $ 1.34 billion

Source: Software

Minoru founded the Otsuka in 1961 and became the biggest supplier of the office copy machines software. His son Yuji took over the company when his dad retired in 2001.

23)Shigenobu Nagamori

Net Worth: $1.3 billion

Source: Micromotor manufacturer

Shigenobu Nagamori is chairman and CEO of NIDEC, the world’s top maker of micrometers for hard disks and optical drives. The company’s share price is down 25% over the past year on weak outlook for PCs. Nagamori is countering the decline with investments in industrial technology and motors for things like car-steering systems and wind power generators.

24)Tada Brothers

Net Worth: $1.26 billion

Source: Drug Retail

Naoki Tada and Takashi Tada inherited stake in discount drugstore chain Sun-drug. Naoki sits on board. Siblings also run Forest, which operates shopping mall near Tokyo and sells such items as trash bags, hangers to chain stores.

25)Soichiro Fukutake

Net Worth: $1.25 billion

Source: Education

Soichiro Fukutake heads Benesse Holdings, formerly known as Fukutake Publishing Co., Ltd, one of the world’s largest educational services companies. It acquired Berlitz language schools in 2001. Company is branching out beyond prep courses and language instruction into businesses like nursing homes, executive training and translation services.

26)Kagemasa Kozuki

Net Worth: $1.2 billion

Source: Gaming

Founder and chairman of software game developer Konami, Kagemasa Kozuki got his start repairing jukeboxes. He has since branched out into producing gaming machines for casinos in the U.S. and abroad as well as operating fitness clubs in Japan.

27)Hajime Satomi

Net Worth: $1.17 billion

Source: Gaming

Hajime Satomi is the founder and chief of Sega Sammy pachinko machine and gaming software firm. To diversify and boost sales, is also expanding quickly into the resort business; the company’s stock price is up 12% over past year. Satomi is also promoting the opening of casinos in Japan to attract Asian tourists. He recently paid $3 million for a foal with Derby winning hopes.


28)Ryoichi Jinnai

Net Worth: $1.1 billion

Source: Finance, Agriculture

Ryoichi Jinnai retired from consumer lender Promise in 2001, the same year his only child, son Hideki, died. Jinnai now raises cattle and grows mangos and bananas in greenhouses on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, known for its frigid winters.

29)Takao Yasuda

Net Worth: $1.08 billion

Source: Retail

Takao Yasuda founded discount retailer Don Quijote in 1980; remains chairman and CEO, leading the company’s global expansion. Stock price is up 35% over the past year on strong sales and profits. In February Yasuda sold 3 million shares to improve the company’s liquidity as he readies to invest in China and North America.


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