40 Richest Self-Made Women in America In 2016

Richest Self Made FemalesRich Income Ways have always supported women Empowerment and has been sharing great posts that can help women excel in domains of their choices. We recently shared a post with 20 richest self-made women in America and here comes the added list with 20 more great females on the list. Some of the other self-made richest women of America are as followed.

21. Sheila Johnson (net worth: $710 million)

21. Sheila Johnson

Sheila is an American entrepreneur, initiator of BET Company, president of Salamander Hotels and Resorts, and is also the first black American female business tycoon.

22. Carolyn Rafaelian (net worth: $700 million)

22. Carolyn Rafaelian

She is the daughter and heir of a jewelry factory owner. She has her own cosmic chic bangle business that she has named Alex and Ani.

23. Alice Schwartz (net worth: $620 million)

23. Alice Schwartz

Alice Schwartz is co-owner of a 2 billion dollars biotechnology firm called as Bio-Rad Laboratories which is now organized and run by her son Norman, who is chairman and chief executive.

24. Weili Dai (net worth: $570 million)

24. Weili Dai

She is a Chinese Native American entrepreneur and is also the executive, co-owner and prior head of Marvell Technology Group. In the year 2015 she was enumerated as the 95th most influential woman in the world by Forbes magazine.

25. Madonna (net worth: $560 million)

25. Madonna

Madonna is an American vocalist, composer, professional dancer, performer, actress and entrepreneur. She is frequently mentioned to as the Queen of Pop and is also quoted as an inspiration by other artists of her age.

26. Kathy Fields (net worth: $550 million)

26. Kathy Fields

She is another self-made billionaire whose major income comes from her skin care products and acne treatment solutions.

27. Katie Rodan (net worth: $550 million)

Katie Rodan

She owns a major brand of skin care products called Proactiv Solutions alongside Kathy Fields. Her products include lotions, body shampoos and hair merchandises but the trademark is acknowledged for its anti-acne kit comprising of a cleaner, astringent and ointment.

28. Safra Catz (net worth: $510 million)

Safra Catz

Safra is an Israeli-American corporate manager. She has been an administrative at Oracle Corporation since April 1999. In year 2011 she was entitled as the co-president, reporting to the forefather of the company i.e. Larry Ellison.

29. Mary West (net worth: $500 million)

Mary West

Mary West is called as a telemarketing creator. She founded WATS Telemarketing in the year 1978 with her spouse Gary who was a hospital manager.

30. Jayshree Ullal (net worth: $470 million)

Jayshree Ullal

She is presently the head and chief executive of Arista Networks which is a cloud networking corporation. She was also the manager of internetworking merchandises at Ungermann-Bass for four years former to joining Crescendo Communications.

31. Donna Karan (net worth: $450 million)

31. Donna Karan

She is an American stylist and fashion designer and the inventor of the Donna Karan New York and DKNY clothing brands.

32. Lynn Tilton (net worth: $450 million)

Lynn Tilton

Lynn is an American entrepreneur, owner and manager of her company CLO. She is the main administrative officer and lone principal of Patriarch Partners, LLC and its allied entities in the country.

33. Marissa Mayer (net worth: $430 million)

 Marissa Mayer

Marissa is an American corporate manager and computer scientist, presently aiding as the head and Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo.

34. Janice Bryant Howroyd (net worth: $420 million)

Janice Bryant Howroyd

Janice Bryant along with her family is an African American businessperson and entrepreneur. She is creator and chief executive officer of ACT-1 Group which is the prime minority woman held employment organization in the United States.

35. Vera Wang (net worth: $420 million)

She is a very famous American designer whose specialization is in making wedding gowns for celebrities and media public figures.
36. Liz Elting (net worth: $390 million)
Liz Elting is co-chief executive of TransPerfect. This company is one of the domain’s prime translation organizations, with $505 million in incomes and headquarters in more than ninety cities.

37. Celine Dion (net worth: $380 million)

She is a Canadian singer and businesswomen of America who has grossed money from tours and from vending more than 220 million records.

38. Barbra Streisand (net worth: $370 million)

Barbra is an American vocalist, composer, performer, and filmmaker. She has been acknowledged with two Academy Awards, ten Grammy Awards and five Emmy Awards.

39. Kathy Ireland (net worth: $360 million)

Kathy Ireland is an American supermodel and actress, turned writer and businessperson.

40. Sonia Gardner (net worth: $350 million)

Gardner obliges on the Board of Directors of 100 Women in Hedge Funds. She is also an affiliate of the Board of Trustees of the Mount Sinai Medical Center and is the owner of Avenue Capital Group.

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