Is Cristiano Ronaldo the richest footballer? A Quick Review!

 Predicted-Performance-in-FIFa.jpgFIFA 2014 and its craziness is at its peak where all the football lovers are found exploring more and more about their favorite celebrity to find more of his stories in terms of professional, financial and personal aspects and one of the leading ones in the list is, for sure, Cristiano  Ronaldo. If you are a football freak and love to follow Ronaldo, this can be an interesting piece of knowledge for you. Let us now discuss something more revealing about his net worth. Is Cristiano Ronaldo the richest footballer in 2014? let us find out!

The start of Ronaldo’s football career

Start Of Ronaldo's career

Ronaldo began his football career playing for an amateur team Andorinha while he was still eight years. However, he was diagnosed with a racing heart. He had a surgery and after discharging was fit to play again. Ronaldo drew the attention of the Coach of Manchester United and became the first Portuguese player to join the club. He later transferred to Real Madrid in 2009, the most expensive transfer in the history of football.

Ronaldo’s performance in former FIFA World Cups

Ronaldo's former performance in FIFA

Ronaldo will be playing his third FIFA World Cup this year. In 2006 he scored seven goals and became the second highest goal scorer for the tournament. In the next World Cup in 2010 Ronaldo, still 25 years of age, represented Portugal as the captain. He was awarded ‘Man of the Match’ for all the three group matches that year.

Predicted performance in FIFA 2014

Predicted Performance in FIFa

This year also Ronaldo will be playing as captain and forward for the Portugal national team. The team has a good strategy which places them in the top ten teams probable to win FIFA 2014. However, they need a stronger defense to compete with the better teams of the tournament.

Ronaldo is considered the best player amongst all the FIFA teams. He became the first person to score nine goals in just five group games. Ronaldo also scored a total of 69 goals in 56 matches played for Real Madrid and Portugal last year. He has also recently been awarded his second ‘Ballon d’Or’ award last year, beating Messi and Ribery. All these achievements and awards give him a total net worth of $160 million in 2014, making him one of the most expensive players in history.

He is the flying forward for his national team and they rely on him for Portugal’s victory in the upcoming FIFA. Last year was a successful year for him. However, this year Ronaldo’s performance is not up to the mark and his supporters and fans are doubtful and heartbroken.

Christiano Ronaldo is suffering from a knee injury and probably will be unable to play in the upcoming World Cup. It is being said that the injury is due to a curse put on Ronaldo by Ghanaian witch doctor named Nana Kwaku Bonsam. He said it four months ago that he will work on the player to prevent him from playing in the World Cup or at least make him unfit for the match against Ghana. The witch doctor has also claimed that the injury is spiritual and cannot be cured by any doctor. However, Portugal officials have said that Ronaldo will soon be fit and will be performing in FIFA 2014.

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