How YouTube made McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal rich

Rhett & Link you tube richIf you are a YouTube user and have had been enjoying watching your favorite movies and serials, you really need to know how rich Youtube can make you if you take it seriously! The usage of internet since the start of 21st century has risen in an exponential fashion. There are numerous sites for people to enjoy their time. Some sites are for entertainment other are for blogging and many more purposes. It is now quite easier to say that YouTube has to crowned as the website with the most viewing on it. With an increase in subscription on this site for multiple channels, its fame is on a roll. One of the top subscribed channel belongs to the duo Rhett and Link. Now let us shine some light over how they became famous and what is their net worth.

Rhett and Link

Rhett & Link logo
This channel is managed by a team of a comedian duo named as Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III. The duo is well known for the morning show that they perform on a daily basis which goes by the name of Good Mythical Morning. This program has attracted a lot of audience and the total subscription for this channel touches a staggering figures of more than 10 million subscribers.

Net worth of  McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal

Rhett & Link
One can easily come to a conclusion that people have a huge appetite for the comedy. This is the reason for the rise of this group. The Rhett and Link has amassed a total of $7.5 million according to the surveys of 2016. When talking about the net worth, one simply cannot ignore the endorsement deals that they receive in return for the promotion that they do for the companies like Toyota, Google and many more multi-billion dollar companies.

Good Mythical Morning

This program was initiated by the comedian duo on 3rd January 2011. In the start they used to pick up a random topic and have a humorous and honest conversation on the topic. The show was then closed due to some personal reasons and then was given another start on 9th January 2012. This show comprises of many seasons. Good Mythical Morning has already reached the 800 episode milestone by the November of 2015.

The reason for their richness

Link and Rhett try to apply humor on different topics but in an honest manner. When they do their usual program, they give away their honest opinion but in a humorous way. One might now think that if they always do comedy shows then why would I brand want the duo to advertise the brand or a company? The answer is simple, they represent the brand in a very professional and trustworthy way that you are forced to do business with those brands and companies. Even though being humorous is not well-associated with being professional, yet these guys know how to do their business better than any other person.

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