Top 10 Richest Cities in the world in 2014

Richest cities in the world in 2014The cost of living your life and meeting up with the luxuries all depend upon the city you choose as your home city. These days when deciding which city is growing while which one is suffering the most seems to be a difficult task but in order to provide our readers with a consolidated data, here is an updated list of top 10 richest cities in the world in 2014.

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10. Shanghai, China

GDP: $516.5 billion

Area: 6,340.5 square kilometers

Population: 23,019,148

shangai richest city

China’s city Shanghai manages to be one of the richest cities due to the enormous amount of business being done and executed every minute of the day in this city. Also known as a tourist attraction, Shanghai has been stated worth visiting city by many tourists. The city is also known for the Orient Pearl TV Tower, a building of unique and distinct architecture.

9. Moscow, Russia

GDP: $520.1 billion

Area: 2,510 square kilometers

Population: 11,503,501

moscow richest city

Conquered and rebuilt and conquered again this is how Moscow is remembered in the course of history nevertheless still it manages to capture money in its favor. Moscow is rich with several attractions like Kremlin, red square and yes the famous Vladimir Lenin’s preserved corpse.

8. Chicago, USA

GDP: $524.6 billion

Area: 606.1 square kilometers

Population: 2,707,1207

Chicago richest city

One of the fastest growing city of present time and yet making its way in top ten richest city list too. Chicago a harboring nest of native Americans as well as millions of immigrants has proved to be gold mine to some visitors. Possessed with natural beauty the city is also known as Windy city.

7. Osaka, Japan

GDP: $654.8 billion

Area: 552.26 square kilometers

Population: 1,545,410

osaka richest city

The inception of modern era started from this city. Osaka has always surprised the world with its endless and unmatchable technology advancement thus it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most advance civilizations living on planet earth. Its vital business lies in metal, textile and plastic production.

6. Paris, France

GDP: $669.2 billion

Area: 105.4 square kilometers

Population: 10,413,386

paris richest city

City of love, affection and fragrance is the combination set that can be used to describe Paris. Although being attacked, demolished and harmed by many invading armies the city always flourished again and again with more enigma, passion and prosperity. Eiffel tower, one of the wonders of the world lies in this city. Fashion designing is at its peak in the present era. The entire major brands hub is located in this city.

5. London, England

GDP: $731.2 billion

Area: 1,570 square kilometers,

Population: 8,173,194

london richest city

London has been the gem of eye since the inception of tourist industry. Filled with life lights and yes cameras London city has no doubt proved to be golden spoon for England. It’s the amalgamation of different cultures and ethnicities and that’s what makes this city unique and successful.

4. Seoul, South Korea

GDP: $779.3 billion

Area: 605.21 square kilometers

Population: estimated 10 million

seoul richest city

Located in northwestern part of South Korea, Seoul appears to be a sprawling concrete mass of high-rise apartment buildings and modern buildings interspersed with historical treasures. Seoul is a great place to experience a wide variety of electronic, textile and iron and steel productions. The main tourist attractions include ancient palaces and Royal Shrines of the Joseon Dynasty, as well as Seoul World Cup Stadium, 63 CITY building, Lotte World, Han River, Apgujeong, Namdaemun and Dongdaemun Markets.

3. Los Angeles, USA

GDP: $789.7 billion

Area: 1,302 square kilometers

Population: 3,792,621

los angles richestcity

The second largest city in terms of population of US and the center of a five-county metropolitan area, LA is considered as the prototype of the future metropolis. The glamour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, and the famous beaches have added to the beauty of Los Angeles and presented it as California’s paradise. Hollywood has also played an important part in the area’s phenomenal growth.

2. New York, USA

GDP: $1,210 billion

Area: 1,213square kilometers

Population: 8,244,910

new york richest city

Being labeled as ” the “City That Never Sleeps”, New York seems to pull in the best and the brightest from every corner of the country. New York is the biggest city of America and also its most exciting. New York is also the business and cultural capital of the country and currently the second richest city of the world.

1. Tokyo, Japan

GDP: $1,520 billion

Area: 2,187.6 square kilometers

Population: 13,185,502

tokyo-tower-night-roppongi-hills-iii-900x600 richest city

Center to Japanese culture, finance, and government, Tokyo is the largest and also the richest country of the world. With the presence of a large number of world-class institutions of higher education, Tokyo is labeled as the world’s economic and industrial center. Tokyo is a marvelous mix of modern living and old-fashioned manners, slick high-tech gadgets and cutesy cartoon mascots.

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