Top 10 Richest People in Afghanistan In 2014

Richest People in AfghanistanAfghanistan is a country that is often taken in negative sense by people who are especially somehow related to the western world. Afghanistan’s economy has suffered really bad due to the terrorism that has equally affected almost of the states of Asia, the citizens of Afghanistan are some of the most talented souls that exist on earth. Through their hard work and dedication, they are now found doing pretty well in every field. Here are top 10 richest people in Afghanistan with their short business stories.

Abdul Rahim Safi

Business: Safi Group Ltd

Abdul Rahim Safi Richest Afghani

His ethnicity is Pashtun and he is the head of the Safi Groups Limited and his family is considered among the richest families that are existent in Afghanistan today since his father, brother and uncle owns the entire company and work with the fields of industries and hotels etc.

Abdul Rahman Alokozay

Business: Alokozay Group of Companies Alokosai Alokozai

He is one of the most famous afghan tycoons who are the owner of many multinational companies which are in the name of Alokozay.

Aziz Hotak

Business: Second ruler of the Ghilzai Hotaki dynasty of Kandahar

Aziz Hotak Richest Afghani

He was born in a very famous and rich family in the Kandahar area. He is the son of Salim Khan and Nazo Tokhi, grandson of Karum Khan and great grandson of Ismail Khan.

Zamari Kamgar

Business: Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries ACCI Adviser International Affairs and Owner of Kam Air.

Zamari Kamgar Richest Afghani

His ethnic background is from Tajik and he is a graduate form the Balkh University in Mazar where he has done his BA in the field of technical engineering.

Najeeb Zarab

Business: Najeeb zarab Limited

Najeeb Zarab Richest Afghani

The corporate office of his business is located in Kabul, Dubai and in Pakistan making it one of the leading as well as properly organised trading companies of Afghanistan.

Habib Gulzar

Business: Habib Gulzar Non-Alcoholic Beverages Ltd

Habib Gulzar Richest Afghani

He has his own drink producing company in Afghanistan which is also known to be the very first company to start the manufacture of Coca-Cola in the country.

Haji Momin Khan

Business: Momin Oil Industries

Haji Momin Khan Richest Afghani

It was during the year 1910 that this company was developed and though it just started as a trading company in Afghanistan it is still dealing with other items like tea and textiles.

Ehsan Bayat

Business: Afghan Wireless (AWCC)

Ehsan Bayat Richest Afghani

He is an afghan business industrialist who belongs actually from New York metropolitan area. He is from Herat basically and his ethnicity is Tajik.

Hamed Minhaj

Business: Co-founder of Hamed Baba Ltd

Hamed Minhaj Richest Afghani

He is a very young entrepreneur and a business man who started his own business at the young age of 16 and is now in dealings with many multinational companies at once.

Habibullah Karimi

Business: Co-founder of Barakat, Inc.

Habibullah Karimi Richest Afghani

This company is now the leading dealer of the agriculture machinery along with the transport of communal equipments in the country.

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