10 Popular Blogs of Palestine in 2014

Desde-Palestina.pngThe country that is known for all the suffering and destruction currently is full of talent, yes, we are talking about Palestine. If you have been wondering about Palestinian blogs, you surely have landed up at the right place.

Have a look at the 10 popular Blogs of Palestine in 2014

10. Harry Fear’s Blog

Harry Fear Blog Popular Blogs of Palestine


This blog is owned by a very famous documentary maker and activist called Harry Fear and the major topic this blog is focused on is the Gaza strip. There are various posts that are tagged with the word Palestine in different sections of the blog.

09. Kitchen Of Palestine

Kitchen Of Palestine Popular Blogs of Palestine


This blog is all about the food that Palestinian women have been cooking now for ages and the motive o this blog is to make people aware about the culture of Palestine through food and passion that is in cooking from your own hands.

08. This week in Palestine

This week in Palestine Popular Blogs of Palestine

This blog covers all the happenings and events that are taking place in Palestine very day. From tourism to economy and from food to politics, there is every little detail that you want to know about the current undertakings of the place.

07. Live from Occupied Palestine

Live from Occupied Palestine Popular Blogs of Palestine


This blog provides news and analysis from the territories of occupied Palestine through accessible volunteers and activists.

06. Desde Palestina

Desde Palestina Popular Blogs of Palestine


It is one of the most famous photographic blog of Palestine featuring many inspirational and cultural photos of the Palestine and places around.

05. Irish4Palestine

Irish4Palestine Popular Blogs of Palestine


It is a very renowned pro-Palestinian blog where several posts and articles have been published by the Irish republicans in order to help create a free and independent Palestine.

04. Visualizing Palestine

Visualizing Palestine Popular Blogs of Palestine


It is the juncture of statement, social sciences, expertise, enterprise and urban studies for social righteousness. Visualizing Palestine practices inventive illustrations to pronounce a truthful rights-based chronicle of Palestine.

03. Window Into Palestine

Window Into Palestine Popular Blogs of Palestine

All the recent and latest happenings of Palestine are available to read here and the intuitions of the activities can also be perceived.

02. Teach for Palestine

Teach for Palestine Popular Blogs of Palestine


They work in collaboration with the endangered Palestinian youngsters and refugees and teach their students in English about physical fitness and social responsibilities.

01. Project Hope

Project Hope Popular Blogs of Palestine

This is another famous blog of Palestine where differ volunteers are brought t from all around the world so they can teach and make the Palestinian kids learn. The volunteers are both local and international and are working massively for Palestinian development and growth.

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