10 Ways to Advertise your Business using Instagram

10 Ways to advertise your Business using Instagram Instagram is one of the best tools to advertise your business efficiently. So many people out there are utilizing this great app for their business and personal lives. Instagram allows you to share your life stories and your brand experiences with the coolest pictures around. There won’t be a single photographer who does not use this tool to create artistic photos. So why should you stay aback? Get your hands on this app and check out ways to advertise your business using Instagram!

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Use Instagram Profiles

Using Instagram pictures as your company’s profile picture help you in advertising your company quite well. Instagram pictures provide you with a great collage and depict the right image of your company. It allows you to promote anything your company does; be it your products, services, employees, customers or conferences. You can easily tell your brand story with such cool pictures around you.


Hashtags are being very commonly used to advertise your business and attract more clients. Hashtags are normally used in the caption of an image so that it gets grouped. They allow tracking of specific topics, reaching out potential communities and allow people to search you and your business very easily.

Photo Contests

Engaging yourself with a photo contest can do wonders to your business. Adding photos with hash tags to your brand will direct more users and business towards you. For instance, Sony has played a clever move by starting a SonyX picture contest after whose success they launched another one named Sonylove. Before being a part of the contest, all the contestants are asked to follow them. This way they have directed huge traffic towards their brand. Photo contests are a good way of increasing your followers and advertising your brand.

Artistic Pictures with Instagram

Behind the Scenes

Instagram works at an instant and lets you reach the world within no time. So the next time you shoot your event or business details, make sure you have some behind the scenes pictures as well. The clients are more interested in your progress and in action details then your final product. They like connecting with you from the beginning, not just being a part of the end story.

Reward your Followers

In order to keep your audience’s alive; keep them engaged in your brand and make them come back to you. Reward your Instagram followers when the view your pictures. Keep secret codes and answers hidden in your pictures and give daily rewards. People who view your pictures can win easily. This way they will view your pictures more and you can promote your business more. Find out what your customers want and then act accordingly.

Use Instagram Features

Instagram is a wonderful app so many cool features such as geotagging and analytics tool. With the geotagging tool, you can advertise your event location or a conference. You can transfer your information to any social media you want to. As far as analytical tool is concerned, you can easily track data patterns and engagements to help you in advertising your business. Therefore, you must use all the features of Instagram.

Advertise with Instagram

Attract People to your Business

When you are a part of some event, remember to put up your photos on Instagram. If you are tweeting or posting on Facebook about a certain event or your experience and work, use your Instagram photos as visuals are always good at attracting more and more customers.

Create Authentic Content

Whenever you post about your brand, your content must be authentic. Instead of the photo-shopped images, you must always opt for the real and candid photos for your brand story.

Feature your Customers

Use your customers to share their experience with you and tell a happy story of their experience via pictures from Instagram. Use Instagram to perfect describe their time with you. There are companies who specifically use Instagram to advertise their services and atmosphere using their customers. It is always encouraging for new customers to find a happy face and a good testimonial from a previous customer.

Instagram Fashion

Use Other Camera Apps

Don’t just restrict yourself to Instagram. Use other camera apps such as Camera Awesome to enhance the artistic look of your Instagram pictures and make yourself look different. Use a mixture of apps to convey your brand story in a totally different way than others. Keep your brand and business unique and use unique methods to advertise your business using Instagram.

Instagram is surely one of the best tools to advertise your business if it is used efficiently. All for now!

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