How a chai wala “tea maker” became a celebrity overnight?


With such huge advancements in technology and the great power of social media, waking up to stardom is becoming the news of the town. Recently, the story of a chai wala has been all over the internet and attracting huge audiences from various countries. This young man named Arshad Khan has gathered a huge fan following in just a few days time. However, he is still trying to grasp such huge attention.

Let’s have a look at how a chai wala ‘tea maker’ became a celebrity overnight and received immense limelight with the blink of an eye!

Arshad Khan


A blue-eyed young man from the hails of Mardan, in the KPK province of Pakistan, has hit the internet by storm. His name is Arshad Khan who is 18 years old and makes tea in the weekly Sunday Bazar of Islamabad. He is one of the 18 siblings and used to sell fruit before starting his tea stall.

How he became an Internet sensation?


Jiah Ali, a photographer based in Islamabad, took a picture of him while making tea and posted it to her Instagram. Within a few hours, it got around 12000 likes and comments from admirers across the globe. Even she didn’t know that her snap of raw emotions and innocence could be so viral.

Becoming a celebrity

As soon as his pictures received fame, many people visited his stall and took selfies with him. Within four days of receiving fame, he bagged a modeling contract from Islamabad based online store ‘’. Since then, he has been seen wearing the shirts.


He made a public appearance after his amazing makeover when invited to a local news channel. He was spotted in a two-piece draper suit, properly gelled hair with a clean shave.  Now, he also owns a twitter account.


Also, there are rumors around the social media about a Pakistani director and film producer, Syed Noor, signing him for his upcoming film. However, we are not sure about how things will turn out for him.

What Arshad has to say?

Arshad Khan is quite overwhelmed by this unexpected rush of popularity and he seems to be ready to positively accept everything that comes his way. He also confirmed that around 30 to 50 ladies came to him to take pictures with him and he was unaware how and when his picture was taken in the first place.

However, while being interviewed by a local news channel, he said:

Before I was living a poor life, I was working as a laborer. I faced poverty. I spent my whole life in poverty. Now with the grace of Allah, I am honored and have an opportunity to move forward.

The overnight celebrity status received by ‘chai wala’ clearly depicts the mighty strength of social media. This is so incredible to witness how a single picture can instantly change a person’s life from rags to riches and bring new opportunities for him and his family. Such is the impact of technology in our lives these days!

We wish him tons of success and all the best for his future endeavors!

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