How FouseyTube Turned Out to be Popular?

 FouseyTube turn popular?We all have heard that, there is a long struggle behind being successful, but not in every case! Few people are really lucky! One huge example of which is Yousef Salah, the man who made YouTube hits from his social tryouts, turned out to be a huge success with over a 2 million subscribers. More than 25 million people have seen his video, his videos has become the most popular videos in the history of YouTube. Among them is the most liked video, which is called the Yoga Pants Prank. The star Yousef Saleh has made gigantic wave on the social media. Yousef, from over a period of one year, has been uploading funny videos on YouTube as FouseyTUBE. In his videos, he sometimes dresses up like his mother and father, sometimes mocks about the Arab culture, does funny dancing etc. people have not only liked and shared his videos but also are highly impressed by his ideas. Thus he has received a huge online fan following.

What’s next?

 FouseyTube turn popular

Yousef started the FouseyTube, a channel of YouTube in March, 2011. With his effort, and his both funny yet meaningful videos, he has grasped the attention of the audience and is known for his huge fan following. Yousef after massive success and a great fan following is now taking his stand-up to a next level. Yousef is bringing it on the road across United States, Canada and Australia.

The idea behind the big idea

fouseytube success reasons

Yousef has been making such videos throughout his life, but soon he came up with an idea how to make it a big thing. He established a business plan and started uploading the videos on YouTube. He marketed the videos on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and used the site King of the Web for campaigning. According to Yousef, a lot of effort was required for this, people need entertainment, and they always want something new. To come up with something unexpected was itself a huge pressure. Very soon Yousef realized that the video cannot be forced, it will become viral on its own.

The big hit!

In July, Yousef uploaded the video called the “middle eastern parents”. This video became so popular that till date, it has earned about more than 2 million views. People were going crazy about his work. The subject of the video and characters were all what we see around, and no matter what culture you belong to, the practices, the dialogues were somewhat common in everybody’s lives. Every single person could easily relate to their family.

fouseytube success reasons

Later in September, Yousef was invited to St. Louis for fundraising for the Palestine children’s relief fund, since he has a great fan following of all age groups. Yousef worked for free for this cause.

The big picture

FouseyTube channel is known for taking home the trophy of Streamy Awards Audience /choice Show of the year. His Fousey Tube channel has left the Smosh, Rooster Teeth, Good Musical morning behind. We have seen Yousef playing different characters, doing different roles, but he says he wants to be someone he is, he wants people to like him for what he does and accept him for being from the land where he belongs to. In future, he would like to work on a project called, “to change the world one smile at a time”.

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