What Made Prankvsprank The Most Followed Channel On YouTube?

what made prankvsprank the most followed channel on youtubeSometimes it seems to be unbelievable that how everyone can start his content development channels and get their earnings online. That was something to be highly confined to a specific group of people and it was exceptional to do blogging or Vlogging. But today, its no more a special thing since there are many examples which can be highly inspirational for those willing to start their blog or Vlog. To be specific with the vlogging, YouTube is the first name that comes to the mind. YouTube provides you with all what you want to start off with your Vlog channel. There are so many infinite number of categories which Vloggers have chosen for them to make videos on. One of the most entertaining and followed channel on YouTube is none other than prankvsprank. This name comes in the list of some highly rated and the most followed channels on Youtube. Lets take a look at what makes it worth it!

What Is Prankvsprank?

jesse and jeana

Prankvsprank is very unique and appealing due to the fact that behind it is a couple from Pennsylvania, USA. Jesse M. Welles alongwith his girlfriend Jeana Smith initiated this channel in 2007. They did it in a very entertaining manner by playing pranks on each other and posting videos on different websites. The popularity they gained from these videos made them start their own channel on YouTube. The appreciation that they got from the followers clearly proves that people are much more interested to see reality based things even pranks. It really fascinates to witness an adorable couple playing funny pranks with each other and sharing their experiences and reactions with public by making videos rather passing time all alone, roaming, dating and having food together. The way they choose to express their love is way better than many other couples.

Wellens and Jeana have grown together in New Jersey and they have been dating since 2005. It was in 2009 when praankvsprank was officially active on YouTube. Its quite amazing to see a girlfriend pranking with his guy while he is all busy in taking shower or to see a girl working hard with eating a spoonful of cinnamon. There are many videos like this which have become a part of prankvsprank showing their realistic and unique expression of love for each other as well as their channel. This prank war which commenced in 2007 has now become a passion and profession of them at the same time. Their followers keep waiting for the new and the funny pranks they do. They have now broaden their channel to do public pranks, couple pranks and crazy pranks.

A look at the Net worth


Apart from prankvsprank, this couple also runs a channel named as BFvsGF in which they walk through the streets together and sharing experiences of different genres. They seem to be very passionate after all this time. The achievements they have unlocked together from their prank thing have got them a big name among YouTubers. Jesse Wellen is found to have an estimated net worth of $4.8 million. The couple still continues to ace the YouTube with their 9.8 million followers and 1.6 billion total views.

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