What made Smosh so Rich on YouTube

Smosh and youtubeYouTube is one of the few social media websites that took every other site by surprise. This site rerouted the traffic of other sites and this made the sudden rise in its fame. The reason behind the sudden rise in the popularity of the site has to be its most subscribed YouTube channels. One of the most famous duo on YouTube goes by the name of ‘Smosh’. Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla are the comedian duo that represent the Smosh. Smosh has always been mentioned into the top 10 subscribed channels since 2006. The reasons for their success are mentioned below!

Start of Smosh

Initially Anthony Padilla started a website, which goes by the name of Smosh.com, in 2002. Then after Andrew Hecox in the sixth grade, they soon started creating comedy videos in 2005. In the start they used to lip sync the theme songs of the fiction cartoons like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Pokemon. Soon these videos became viral on YouTube.

Padilla & Hecox

The Pokemon video gained alone gained 24.7 million views when it was uploaded. This video also claimed the record for the ‘most viewed YouTube video’ at the time of its release.

Annual income of Smosh

If we access the reports from May 2014, it can be easily concluded that standing at the second highest earner from YouTube, Smosh had a minimum annual income of $620,000 to a maximum of $5.2 million. Their fame never took a tumble; according to the International Business Times, Smosh recorded 21.3 million subscribers and $8.5 million annual income. And for the April 2016, the channel recorded 21 million subscribers with a mind-boggling 5.4 billion views on their videos. Considering these numbers, it is easy to say that these figures are always on a rise.

Their span at the top of the YouTube charts

Padilla and Hecox’s channel has already experienced how it feels to be on the top of the YouTube charts for a total of three times. This astounding feat was first achieved in May to June 2006 as they were given the throne of the ‘most subscribed YouTube channel’. Their second time at the top was a little bit longer than the first time, spanning from April of 2007 till the September of 2008 (18 months). Their third time for being the most subscribed channel was from January to the August of 2013.

Reason for their fame

Smosh - The comedian duo

Being successful is one thing and maintaining yourself at that top spot is entirely different scenario. There has been a sudden decline in the viewing of the YouTube videos. Consider the example of Jenna Marbles, a vlogger, was getting at least more than 10 million views on her every videos, but lately she is hardly getting any traction on her videos. Her videos are now getting only 2-3 million views. The reason behind the lack of viewing is that nearly every other person is creating the same videos. But that is not the case with the Smosh, they not only do the parody videos on the new games but are also involved in unscripted comedy videos of the TV shows and the latest movies.

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