Who will inherit Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg’s Death?

Who will inherit Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg’s Death Facebook, Facebook and Facebook! It’s all over the world! There are so many things which Facebook offers its users to keep them engaged and glued to it. Apart from Facebook, there are other social networks as well but people are just attracted towards it. No matter what it does, people find it hard to stay away. It has become an addiction for all. Mark Zuckerberg has done wonders!

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Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is a very big name in the social media world. An American programmer and an internet entrepreneur born on 14th May 1984 has done an amazing job in the social networking arena. He is known as one of the top five co-founders of Facebook. He is among the 100 richest and most influential people in the world. With the rise of Facebook and the teens going crazy over clearly depicts what huge success Mark Zuckerberg has achieved.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook and is believed to have an estimated wealth of $19 billion. The more people sign up, the more bucks fly into Zuckerberg’s pocket. Your social life and entertainment gives him billions!

Facebook Shares and Profits

Facebook Shares and Profits

The Facebook shares and profits are divided among various people who work day and night to make people love Facebook more and more. Mark Zuckerberg has 28.2%, Accel Partners have 10%, Dustin Moskovitz oens 7.6% shares, Digital Sky Technologies have 5.4% shares, Eduard Saverin hold 4% shares, Sean Parker has 4% shares, Peter Thiel has 2.5%, Microsoft 1.6% shares, Grey Lock Partners have 1.5% shares and some others as well. The profits being shared by all make them wealthier each day. Zuckerberg’s earnings keep on increasing with the increase in Facebook shares. What a life!

Who will inherit Facebook?

Just like all the big names and businesses, people are confused about who will inherit Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg. There are so many heirs to the social networking giant and make things complicated. Will it be his real heir or those who will have maximum shares at that time? The question remains unanswered!

Who will inherit Facebook

After Mark, Accel Partners have the most shares of them all. If someone is believed to inherit Facebook as of now, it might be Accel Partners. However the way Microsoft works, you never know what it might do till then!

Well, there are so many options and people to inherit Facebook and one cannot predict what it might lead to. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are a nice combo but let’s see what future brings. All for now!

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