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5 Exclusive Apps to Save Money

Money making in today’s fast moving world has become quite complex and money saving has become an even more complex task. With so many tempting things in the surroundings, it is close to impossible to hold on to your budget. One normally gets out of budget by the end of the month. To help our […]

How to Make some Extra Cash with App Galaxy?

Making money with apps is not an easy task these days. With millions of apps in the App Store and hundreds of app developers across the globe, it is getting quite difficult to make money with apps. Therefore, App Galaxy is providing some authentic guidelines to help you in making your app a big hit […]

How much Money does a Smartphone App Make?

Smartphone Apps are a rapidly increasing yet coolest way of making money. With so many big names making some great smartphone apps, people have adopted it as their sole career. Many of them are making great money out of such apps and the users who download these apps provide a great hand to these developers. […]

How Facebook Fan Pages can be used for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the rising trend when it comes to doing business using Facebook. Facebook is considered to have lost the marketing and business grounds; however, this is just incorrect. This is the perfect time to utilize Facebook for business and affiliate marketing. With such a huge fan following and large numbers of targeted audience, […]

How to Build and Monetize Facebook Fan Page?

It is believed that now Facebook is not the right place to advertise and monetize money. There are rumors and reservations regarding working with Facebook. However, if someone is really interested in monetizing money with Facebook then this is just the right time. With so much traffic and such huge amount of traffic, Facebook is […]

How to get paid for Likes on Facebook?

Facebook is a mixed bag! It has bundles of stuff to do; it is a social network, earning platform, has up to date information of all the people, works as a memory keeper and what not. You name it, Facebook has it! Making money out of Facebook is not anything new. It is a very […]

5 Things you must do to make your Facebook Fan Page a Big Hit!

Making a Facebook Fan Page is not a big deal. However, maintaining it and keeping it up to the current standards and demands is what matters most. Facebook is cluttered with various fan pages with no real purpose behind it. Therefore, if you need to stand out the crowd then you will have to do […]

How to Make Money with Facebook Fan Pages?

Facebook fan pages have always been a grand attraction for all the major companies and brands. People are in constant search of finding a Facebook fan page which has a huge amount of views, likes and people on it. Therefore, some people have started making some huge piles of money out of it. Here, we […]

How to find jobs in South Africa?

Jobs in South Africa are very difficult to look for. Nothing seems to be easy for both the job seekers and employers. Searching for jobs is getting tough day by day with the rise in demands and the competition among different races of people. For people living in South Africa, looking for jobs can be […]