How Rich Was Muhammad Ali The Boxer?

The ‘catch-me-if-you-can man’ finally ends up getting caught by the brutal reality of life named as death. Yes, it almost takes a heavy heart to buy this fact that Muhammad Ali the boxer, the great, the incredible, the undefeatable, is no more with us. It takes centuries to have a legend like him in the […]

How Rich Is Mustafa Kamal?

Syed Mustafa Kamal is a very renowned Pakistani politician who is currently leading his own political party named Pak Sarzameen. He has worked as a senator in the Pakistan’s senate and has also served his skills as mayor of Karachi, Pakistan. He was selected to be the mayor in 2005 and remained designated on this […]

10 Hollywood’s Highest-Paid and richest Actors in 2015

Hollywood is all about great people, versatile actors, luxury and glamour. These people are one of the highest-paid in town! They have lives full of riches, hard work, success and loads and loads of dedication in their work. Let’s have a sneak peek in the lives of these top 10 Hollywood’s highest-paid and richest actors […]

10 Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses in 2015

  Hollywood and the latest news about Hollywood always spreads like a wild fire! People follow their favorite celebrities, consider them their role models and try to walk into their shoes. Therefore, we have brought for you a list of highest paid actresses in 2015. Have look at them and see if your favorites are […]

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the richest footballer? A Quick Review!

 FIFA 2014 and its craziness is at its peak where all the football lovers are found exploring more and more about their favorite celebrity to find more of his stories in terms of professional, financial and personal aspects and one of the leading ones in the list is, for sure, Cristiano  Ronaldo. If you are […]

20 Best cafés To Celebrate Occasions in Pakistan in 2014

Dining out at the right place is surely what that makes your evening unforgettable. However, choosing a right venue to celebrate special occasions of life is certainly a difficult task if you are not much out going here in Pakistan. Whether it is a birthday, a feast, a wedding ceremony or an anniversary, you can […]

10 most popular female actors of Pakistan in 2014

The entertainment industry of Pakistan has improved largely over the past few years and has now given some amazing talent to the world. After presenting an interesting list of most followed Male actors of Pakistan, here comes an extension to the idea. Enjoy the most updated list of most popular Female actors of Pakistan in […]

10 Popular TV Anchors in Pakistan in 2014

Out of many countries where politics is a major source of entertainment and debate, Pakistan stands high in the list with a long list of contributors who can be regarded as the pioneers of today’s television political handling. If you have been lately into politics and have been following the prominent channels to keep yourself […]

10 Hollywood Brand Ambassadors Who Are Asian

Having your favorite celebrities as a brand ambassador of famous brands is always a pleasure but it becomes even more fascinating when brands are well recognized and highly popular. Asian celebrities are doing some amazing job in their respective fields and probably this is one of the standalone reason that here we have 10 Hollywood […]

A Detailed Look at the Life of John Paul DeJoria

We have been sharing much about the inspirational people who have done enough in their life to be cherished for and the next in our list is John Paul Dejoria. If you have been researching about the lives of richest people in the world, you will find him with some amazing wealth. Here is a […]