Complete List of India’s Most Luxurious Cars

When it comes to talking about the hi-fi modernistic cars, Indians are not behind in the race. Most of the people in India belong to a sophisticated society and all of them prefer to buy the best thing for themselves and their family. Same is the case for them when they are buying cars. In […]

Ten Luxurious Cars Driven In Pakistan

Have you ever thought long after coming across the most fascinating cars on road and wondering how luxurious they could be? Almost everyone in the world wants to drive luxurious cars but only few are lucky enough to do so. According to latest trends in Pakistan, people are inverting too much of their money in […]

How YouTube made McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal rich

If you are a YouTube user and have had been enjoying watching your favorite movies and serials, you really need to know how rich Youtube can make you if you take it seriously! The usage of internet since the start of 21st century has risen in an exponential fashion. There are numerous sites for people to […]

Why Nawaz Sharif Should Resign from Government?

The Sharif’s have wealth hidden in offshore companies, these offshore companies are not into charity, and instead the family has been hiding the wealth, dodging taxes under a respectable cover. they have most luxurious properties in London. This is not just a rumor, instead there has been a charge placed on the Sharif family in […]

What Made Arseniy Yatsenyuk Resign?

One of the biggest tragedies in the form of news that struck many major leaders across the world is the leaks known as the ‘Panama Papers’. It has been a week since these leaks occupied the attention of every person in the world. These leaks have already proved to be more devastating towards many leaders […]

Celebrities Who Suffered Worst From Panama Leaks?

The biggest controversy 2016 has started with, is panama leaks. Not only it has affected the overall perceptions of many, it has also ended up with resignations and dissolution of power. Out of many victims, here are 10 of the celebrities who suffered the most. Panama leaks is a set of 11.5 million confidential documents; […]

How Much IPL Players Earn In a Single Match

Ever thought how much the IPL Players actually make in a single match? If haven’t came across this, thrn here is something you should really get to know! The Indian Premier League is a certified Twenty20 cricket club of India that is organized yearly by the franchise players portraying different cities of India. The IPL […]

How Qualified IS Hamza Ali Abbasi

Whenever it comes to name the Pakistani stars who have got sound and brilliant academic record alongwith quality education, we can never neglect one leading name. There are many of them but right now we are bringing the bold and the talented Hamza Ali Abbasi to the limelight. He has got everything what an actor […]

10 Lucky Couples Who Won Powerball Jackpot in US

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10 Hollywood’s Highest-Paid and richest Actors in 2015

Hollywood is all about great people, versatile actors, luxury and glamour. These people are one of the highest-paid in town! They have lives full of riches, hard work, success and loads and loads of dedication in their work. Let’s have a sneak peek in the lives of these top 10 Hollywood’s highest-paid and richest actors […]