2 Pakistanis who made it to Times 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016

Our world is full of beauty, peace, love and unbound talent. The teens, youngsters and adults all have expertise in one thing or the other and they only require the right amount of guidance, perfect platform and exposure to the outside world. When all these factors come together and open doors of opportunities, even our […]

10 reasons how Instagram is taking a lead over Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat are like fraternal twins which serve a similar purpose with a diverse look and feel. Their sole idea is to share pictures and videos with friends, family or anyone they prefer to. With the rapid transformations and constant new features being launched, it is getting quite complicated to decide the finer of […]

How a chai wala “tea maker” became a celebrity overnight?

With such huge advancements in technology and the great power of social media, waking up to stardom is becoming the news of the town. Recently, the story of a chai wala has been all over the internet and attracting huge audiences from various countries. This young man named Arshad Khan has gathered a huge fan […]

How Rich is Ashton Kutcher – The YouTube Guy

There are a number of social media sites through which you can earn fan following. YouTube being a major contender to those sites gives chances to a lot of people to carve out a career for themselves. A lot of people have gained a huge amount of attention by producing their own videos on YouTube. […]

What made Smosh so Rich on YouTube

YouTube is one of the few social media websites that took every other site by surprise. This site rerouted the traffic of other sites and this made the sudden rise in its fame. The reason behind the sudden rise in the popularity of the site has to be its most subscribed YouTube channels. One of […]

How Qualified IS Hamza Ali Abbasi

Whenever it comes to name the Pakistani stars who have got sound and brilliant academic record alongwith quality education, we can never neglect one leading name. There are many of them but right now we are bringing the bold and the talented Hamza Ali Abbasi to the limelight. He has got everything what an actor […]

How Facebook Videos Can Help Small Businesses?

Facebook Videos have grown very popular over the last year, and it seems that Facebook’s obsession might finally be paying off. Since last year, the total number of videos watched on Facebook has tripled, bringing it to a whopping 4 billion per day! With a metric like that, it isn’t difficult to predict that it […]

10 Masterminds Behind the Success of Google

Google now work as a brain for million and billions of people all around the world and is now a part of providing awareness to the people in every segment of life.  While Google is providing a smooth online business to  100s of bloggers all over the world with its Adsense programs, let us now […]

10 Secrets of Google Co-Founder Larry Page

Who doesn’t want to know about the interesting secrets of the creator of Google, the co-founder of the biggest search engine of the world, Larry Page! Larry has had been cherished by many developers and entrepreneurs who wish to be like him one day but there are some amazing facts about his life which are […]

5 Reasons Why You Will NOT Use Facebook After 2 years

Facebook is a big-A real big company which has now made its policies clear that its soul aim is to create business, earn business and yet, enjoy business. Who knew ten years ago that a small private corporate would make itself as the leading online business in the field of social media, and really, who […]