10 Great Ways “Housewives” can Make Money using Facebook

how can housewives make money
Housewives today are well-educated, and they are self-aware that real happiness can only be achieved when one is at pace of performing and reaching a goal everyday.
Facebook has connected us in such a way that no other social media has done that before or even in recent times none really can beat the wonders of Facebook.

In order for you to sell, you need to be an expert at what you do. Be creative in your own way. Create your own brand, adapt the best strategies to stand out and deliver your best services or products. You need to create your USP (Unique Selling Point). The moment you know your strength, you are all set to invest and jump to the hot seat of becoming an entrepreneur. Lets read these 10 great earning ideas to make money from home as a mother, housewife or simply as jobless woman.

1. Designer Brand

Being a housewife, there is a high chance for you to be a designer of your own. To have an understanding of color schemes, fabrics, what goes with what and what to wear when. Also you should be aware that there is a huge demand of a good clothing line that is affordable yet classic at the same time. If you have what it takes to design, create and display at most efficient cost then you are all set to do a small photo shoot at home to display your product, set a price and sell it through your Fashion Brand page on Facebook. Also don’t forget that on Facebook you are not limited to a certain audience yet the entire Facebook can be your target audience. It’s all about how you market and how far you reach. You could also use International Channels online to sell. For e.g.; Your country mates living abroad who do not have time to design and select, they are looking out for brands like yours.

2. Retail Brand

This particular business plan is for those of you who are not just looking into one direction but are willing to sell multiple products from different lines. For e.g.; Makeup, Jewelry, Ready to wear Dresses, Perfumes and all that you think your Ideal Virtual Store should sell. This particular type is one where you do not create, you purchase based on your choice, and you display setting a slight margin of profit for the time and money you have invested. If you are confident enough of your choice and if you are one of those who are always appreciated for what they chose to wear, then surely your choice and Retail line will sell here too.

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3. Photopgraphy

If you have a good eye, and you can capture the moment. Then you are all set to become a photographer. All you need to do is work on your Photography Skills, get a low-budget basic professional camera, and go to every family event, photograph it. Pick the best of your shots from every event and post on your Facebook Photography Page. Create promotional deals, for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Conferences, University Events and Many more. Girls tend to be more comfortable with female photographers and there is a high chance for you to excel in your field depending on the strength of creativity you invest.

4. Pet Breeding

If you and your husband are a pet lover and have enough space to breed a bunch of birds or even cats and dogs. Then Wallah you are all set to begin the most amazing journey of animal breeding. What you will need? Money to purchase the first two sets of a couple that is ready to breed. Then you will need an ample amount of love, care and patience. Once you have the first set of breed you can begin to display on your Facebook Pet Breeding Page and before you know it you would have sold plenty of parrots, cats and dogs even fishes if you want.

5. Food Supplier

If you are a cooking expert, which I bet you are. Then all you need to do is come up with best-selling recipes for Parties, Corporate Events, School Canteens, Universities. Create your Food Page on Facebook and display all the amazing deals you can think to offer and there you go. You can start Catering through online Channel to all the upcoming events. Tip to excel: Always offer complementary side dish or a sweet dish for free.

6. Handicrafts and Painting

For those of you who consider yourself an artist, it’s never too late to display your art through Facebook Channel. You could exhibit your paintings online and even handicrafts to those that are looking to decorate their rooms or workplace or even houses for cheap and before you know you will be doing your favorite job from home and also earning out of it.

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7. Graphic Designing

If you happen to come from a background of visual arts and have a hand at graphics designing then there are many firms looking out for a free-lance designer who is willing to understand their Company Website requirement and not only create yet also manage it for them. Create your Graphic Design and services page on Facebook and channel it through Small Medium Business’s and before you know you will be working for them.

8. Online Tutor

Many of our country mates living abroad are looking for decent tutors that are willing to take responsibility to teach their children. If you have what it takes to be an online tutor and willing to take the challenge then go for it because even the salary would be converted through foreign currency so it’s totally worth the challenge. Set up a Facebook Tutoring Service page and you are ready to rock and teach.

9. Online Directory

If you happen to be that housewife who has a list of every mender who comes to your house to fix this or that like plumber, electrician, painter, even maids that are all reliable. Then you are all set to create your tiny agency of no. of people who are willing to work through you. You can offer these services online through a business name and send these guys to the houses where they are urgently needed with a company receipt. Charge a little margin for the PR you provide. And if it goes smooth your tiny agency could surely expand.

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10. Content Writer

There are various Companies in the market that are looking for responsible writers. If you believe in your writing skills, then surely you could create your online blog and share posts through Facebook. Also you could apply to such companies using your Online Blog Portfolio.

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