10 Most scariest Jobs on Earth

10 Most scariest Jobs on EarthBeing employed and serving someone you even do not know often leaves you with an uneasy feeling by the end of the day when you think about the possible recognition you could get for your expertise. However, if you are quite fed up with your while collar job and dreaming about the life of billionaires, it is now time to take a deep breath and have a look on top 10 most scariest jobs on earth.

High-rise Ironworker

High rise iron working scariest job

While some people are getting thrills by ice climbing and skydiving, others are busy doing their jobs by putting together skyscrapers and tall bridges by working in almost all kinds of weathers and heights.

Armed Forces

Armed Forces scariest job

Such people are voluntarily outing themselves in harm’s way and according to an estimate around six thousand American soldiers have died since 9/11 and around fifty thousand of them has been injured.

Rodeo Clown

Rodeo Clown scariest job

The rodeo clown is like the surreptitious service. He defends the cowboy from one gigantic and angry bull that can easily make the cowboy fall and even then a lot of people think that the cowboy riding and bounding the animal is the frightening portion of the job.

Corrections Officer

Corrections Officer scariest job

Corrections officers compact with mobs, shivs, insurrections and getting masticated or rod along with other bodily fluids on. Corrections officers have one of the uppermost degrees of on-the-job grievances making it one of the petrifying jobs on earth.

Coal Miners

Coal Miners scariest job

Though various advancements have been done in this industry but still coal mining comes with a variety of life threatening risks and menaces such as mine wall failures, gas explosions, suffocation, poisoning, etc. There are still many countries where the rates of coal mining related deaths are still very much high.

Bomb Squad Technician

Bomb Squad Technician scariest job

Finding bombs, blowing them up in a safe manner and even and diffusing them on a daily basis is very frightening. Unlike various movies, the colors of the wire are not always the key because some of the devices may be command detonated or victim operated as well.

Commercial Fishermen

Commercial fishermen scariest job

Commercial fishing is the second most casualty heavy job in the United States with a death proportion of 117 out of 100,000 workers.

Loggers and Lumberjacks

Loggers and Lumberjacks scariest job

This profession or industry is said to have almost fatality rate of 127.8 out of 100,000 workers which is because of working in both hot and cold environment and handling of dangerous and heavy gears like chainsaws.


Firefighter scariest job

This has been one of the well-regarded vocations for many years. Here each appeal brings the prospective for threat, whether clashing a wildfire or an illumination in an apartment building.

High-Rise Window Washer

High-Rise Window Washer scariest job

Despite the alarming entrances, this job has one or two deaths a year conveyed. But when there is decease, it repeatedly makes countrywide broadcast because the surroundings are typically so mighty.


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