How To Earn Extra Money Through Fileice?

FIleIce- PPD websiteYou must have heard about doing micro jobs online and getting paid but have you ever heard about getting paid over just sharing and downloading your favorite stuff?  The journey on Fileice is exciting and might take your couple of minutes only to go with the flow so here is the description and ways to make extras!

How to define Fileice?

Fileice is a website that is ready to pay you per download anything, that is from music videos, lyrics, apps softwares to sharing your own files with on the site. The pay per download (PPD) website, pays you more than another PPD website with an average of $1- $20 per download.

How to get started?

All what you need to have to get started is the file you want to share. Simply upload it, let’s just say a Britney’s new song or makeup tutorial, the site will instantly provide you the link to be shared on your blog , websites or social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Once people click upon it, they have to fill a short survey to gain access to the file which they can download. The moment it says, ‘download complete’, tadaa! You will receive your reward.

1)Posting in a right place

Obviously you won’t be posting a biology question bank in chemistry section of a blog, similarly you have to see and explore the right forums to paste your downloaded links to allow more access. This could be of great importance if you are still studying because you can make a video of lectures in your class, upload it on fileice, get the link and share it on your college or university group pages on Facebook or other sites for your pal to download and enjoy more money rolling from the same video.

2)Do not release the entire movie

You do not want to violate any rules, if there are any of them violating in your video, the simple rule is cut the best part and provide the trailer. You can do this by using keepvid and fireplace up windows film maker and post the actual link in your description. Let’s just say you found a celeb battle on any site like metacafe, youtube, etc, you download the file, cut the violent part so your video won’t get down by any site, provide the attractive description, mentioning the spicy details with the actual link which they can download to gain access. It is a certain way to drag money smartly. You can do the same with lectures, picture collage of celeb wedding or any popular video.

3)Download digital comics

Digital comics are in huge demand and drag attention of various age group people, what you can do is download few comics from site, make sure there are no hidden costs to gain access, upload it on Fileice and share the link on targeted blog trafficking the audience you are targeting. Enjoy the passive income.

4)Make friends- increase download

Most people would love to talk to you. Make more friends, you don’t have to give away your pictures to them, make a fake id, add your uploaded photo in your profile, cloak it along with your Fileice link and make others to download the file by proclaiming that this can be your telephone number. Though it is an idiotic idea but it works more than any other idea!

5)Own a website? use it

If you are already running a wonderful blog or a site that bears thousands of users each day. Make a banner of various downloads like apps, songs, e-books, games or coupons associated with the niche, mentioning it’s all free. People love bonuses and free stuff so they will download instantly.

6) Get more referrals

The more you refer the more commission you will receive for your loyalty. You will get commission over the downloads and money they will made.

Give it a shot it worth it!

Best wishes

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