How Swede Mason Became a Popular YouTube Star?

Swede rich youtubeSwede Mason, one the prominent YouTube star, who has a massive fan following over the internet. Swede started his YouTube carrier by uploading videos on YouTube that were based on our everyday life. The best thing about these YouTubers or YouTube celebrities is that they are not just popular, they influence their fans too! Their audience follow them, and actually learn a lot from them.

Swede Mason, who is famous for his mash up performer. His masterpiece is MasterChef Synthesia, which is considered one of the funniest video on YouTube. Within no time, this video became very popular with numerous views. After this awesome response from his fans, he soon came up with another video, which was called ‘a bag of flour and a bucket of water’. This was his another viral video, that was seen, liked and shared by many people.

Some of Swede Mason’s masterpiece

Swede Mason has his own style of making videos, which is the main reason why people like him so much. The videos are funny yet, giving an important message, which leaves a great influence on the minds of his fans. Some of his masterpieces are, Breaking Down the Budget, Jungle all the way, The Human Condition, MasterChef Synesthesia, Lean on the wind, the Gobshite etcetera. Out of all the mash ups swede has made so far, he says, his favorite is Bill Wyman’s Meal Detector. The main reason for liking it so much is that because Swede loves Bill Wyman.

About Swede Mason

Swede rich

Swede Mason started this mash up videos when he was 19 years old, at that time, swede used to tape almost everything that he used to watch on VHS and then whatever things he finds interesting, he would transfer that on DVD. Swede believed that you make music out of almost everything. This is how he came to know about his skills. Swede mainly gained recognition from his mash up ‘MasterChef Synthesia’, which he made back in 2011. This video got so popular especially in United Kingdom that it was on 37 number on the chart of UK singles. The song took Swede mason almost a year.

How much time does it take to create the mash ups?

Swede believes that it depends on the ideas, from days to months. Swede says, he watched the whole MasterChef season one series to create something huge, and it took about a month to complete the whole series.

Swede Mason Future Plans and stuff

Swede Mason will communicate to his audience through social media for a while. With that, swede is also working on a live show too. Swede doesn’t want to expose himself much, and for that he has come with an idea, which soon would be out for his fans.

Internet has become a serious matter now. This is the most effective way to stay connected, more and more people are understanding this now. The main thing about the videos posted by Swede Mason is that they find the most practical ways, to convey their message, and the messages themselves are very practical, yet effective for the audience. YouTube videos has proved to be huge profession for the top independent content makers.

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