How much has YouTube paid to Rosanna Pansino for making pastries

Rosanna Pansino - The YouTube bakerNowadays, there are unlimited chances for anyone to use the social media sites to create a name for themselves and earn money by sponsorships and deals. There has been a huge rise in the trend of creating your own YouTube channel and amassing subscribers to earn yourself a name in the top 10 list of highly viewed channels. Doing this will make you earn huge numbers of bucks. There are many types of channels; mostly belong to the singers, motivational speakers and gym instructors. Then there comes a name of a woman Rosanna Pansino. She is known for her baking qualities. A little more about her in the upcoming paragraphs.

A brief background

Born and raised in America, Rosanna inherited the devotion towards baking from her grandmother. The YouTube sensation started making cupcakes and cookies and soon got a lot of admiration from the people around her. This pushed her to open up a YouTube show for herself, the Nerdy Nummies. The name ‘Nerdy’ has a reason behind it, she used it because she never learned anything from watching tutorials or videos on TV or the internet.

Rosanna Pansino

The reason for her fame

Known for her creative and fanatic baking skills she soon grabbed the attention of many people, multiplying her subscribers on an exponential level. It is Rosanna’s weirdness and attention to detail that people admire her baking lessons and tutorials. One can get an idea of her success story that her channel has a massive 5.7 million subscribers with an average of 75 million views in a month on her videos.

Apart from baking, Rosanna released her first single, “Perfect together” back in February 2015. And the song has grabbed a total of 11 million views up till today.

Her total worth

Rosanna Pansino and her cakes

According to the latest stats, Rosanna sits comfortably in the 8th spot, tied with Roman Atwood and Lilly Singh. She earns an astounding $2.5 million per year through her YouTube show. The reason for her success was simple; in the start she used to upload videos to know what attracts the general audience and then when she uploaded the video to which she named as the Nerdy Nummies, she began climbing up on the most viewing charts.

Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna recently uploaded her 109th YouTube video for her show. And recently she managed 225 million views on the Nerdy Nummies. She sets her focus on the needs and suggestions of her audience and brings up a new episode every Tuesday. This strategy that was proposed by her producers fell for her advantage.

Now there is a huge number of viewing by the audience on every new video that she uploads. According to another stat, 25% of the Nerdy Nummies viewers watched her videos and then made what Rosanna created on Saturday. Since Saturday is a day, where one is free from usual office work.

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