Must-To-Learn Things in 2014

things to learn in 2014The year 2013 has finally reached its end and the new blossoms of 2014 are all ready to make everyone smile. However, it is a work asking question which you should ask to yourself by the end of every year that what were the things you planned to learn in the previous year that you could not. Try implementing them in the coming year, declaring them as a high priority task.

Here are some of the interesting things that you should learn in 2014 if you still do not know how to do it.

Have a look!

1)Tie a Tie

tie a tie
Isn’t a perfect knot of the tie on your shirt with a perfect cup of coffee in hand making you feel outstanding? Imagine your tie ending on your epigastrium or landing beyond your perineum, when you have to attend a big meeting, surely you would like to disappear rather facing your boss. So why not you step forward to try some Four in hand/ Pratt/Windsor/ bow tie knots, which majority of people wanted to learn in 2013 so not to mess upcoming 2014 meetings.

2)Organize weekly files

organise files

Paying bills and taxes on time were never so hectic if you had a good job unless you know exactly where and how much you have to pay. The only reason that many people end up in debt is they don’t realize when to pay. So not be productive this session and promise to start organizing, which is what we keep telling ourselves a time of paying bills before you spend your another year digging through piles of paperwork.

3)Get your Passport now!

get your pasport

You never know when is your dreaming trip coming and leaving you alone and taking all of your friends to your dream place, all because you do not have it right on time. Let’s just say you found on a notice board about a university trip to the UK, Istanbul, Greenwich and Birmingham and you have all sources to go unless you read the last lines mentioning you need to submit the copy of the passport together with the voucher within a day. How would you feel when you can actually go but you have no meaning to get a passport in a day. So it’s time to play safe next year.

4)Start writing

If you have been writing for recreation or for somebody, think about starting it your way. Though it can be tricky for the first time to run a blog solely, you can learn about how to maintain a blog, but it’s good if you are trying to start now. Good luck.

5)How to Knit

start knitting

It’s getting very trendy to use hand made sweaters, mats, bags and bands. It’s easy, cheap and could be a very valuable gift for someone because what’s more difficult is to take out time for anything. And if you are making up something for someone, it will save your money and revitalize the sense of love and care between you two.

7)How to Impress

Impress someone

The first impression is the last impression, are still the strong believing words for many. People have been learning ways to please another. Come up with new ideas, plans, gift ideas, spots, favorite flavors and hot colors which you can get for someone which are not easy for an ordinary to think about. This will certainly leave a better impression for the next year.

8)Want to Whistle

learn to whistle

When you have no words to say, whistle is a best way to say spectacular, to call, to cheer, to mumble and to sing when you realize that you could never sing, but still you want to sing. Though it’s a common practice, but nothing could be louder, fine and perfect pitch whistles than the standard ‘two-finger’ whistle. It is actually quite challenging and still have its fans eager to learn the technique.

9)How to break a lock

unlocka  lock

Whether it’s a lock without a key or a door knob , it sounds fun and sense of proud evoke the moment somebody unlock the lock. Every time appreciation always made people huge fan of breaking locks without keys. So you could learn it too, who knows you may rescue your favorite chocolate from old locked cupboard soon.

10)How to study

How to study

Many students have gone crazy, losing their grades and percentages over an issue of how to manage studies and peer pressure. A lot of ‘how to’ have been entered in Google, showing clearly that it is not getting easier for students coup up. So it’s better the students should start planning for the first day rather leaving everything for the last minute study.

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