Top 5 Marketing Strategies For Selling Products Online

selling-products-onlineThinking to earn online by marketing and merchandising? Read on to find out the top strategies to earn during this festive season.

So how can you earn online by just sitting at home and marketing it? Here are the epic strategies to dispose products and make great profit or at least that can provide a return on the original investment if you outsourced it.

1. Give discounts.

This is simple yet most effective technique. Giveaway some kind of discounts or offer coupons. Be sure to spread the word to attract customers. Advertise about the sales or discounts on major social media platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

If you have a blog post it there and you can even send newsletters to your subscribers/customers offering special price or coupons for them.

2. Post at craigslist. is a local classifieds that is community moderated and mostly free. You can find just about anything on craigslist – Jobs, housing, goods, services, local activities, advice. Yes, you can even sell your products there. Craigslist users post over 80 million classified ads each month.

You too can use it to sell your products. It gets billions of page views every month.

3. Join the marketplace.

Marketplaces like OLX and eBay can help you sell things quickly. OLX and eBoy both are large marketplaces where you could get many buyers for your products.

You can sell used or outsourced merchandise. eBay is the world’s largest marketplace with over 157 million buyers globally. And OLX is India’s largest marketplace which allows sellers to post Ads for their products for free.

4. E-junkie.

If your products require digital delivery service then E-junkie is the best solution for you. Suppose you have an e-book or a software course to sell, all you need to do is copy paste the “buy button” code from e-junkie and paste it on your site or promote the buy link on social media or e-mails.

5. Sell art and goods at ArtPal and Etsy.

Etsy and ArtPal both are marketplaces where you can sell and buy unique goods and arts. In the ArtPal there are no membership fees and both (Etsy and ArtPal) allows you to sell paintings, prints, photography, sculptures, handmade jewelry, crafts, etc.

Over to you! 

Have you ever tried selling products online? Which ways or strategies work best for you? Do let us know in the comments below.

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