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Send Free SMS OnlineA great many of email marketing companies offer their services for small, medium and large businesses today. It’s getting harder for marketers to reach their consumers. Different companies deal with different platforms, such as SMS, email, web push notifications. They’ve got used to choose one platform to deal with. SendPulse is a rapidly developing email marketing service, that integrates 3 platforms for better reach: SMS, email and web push notifications. It is aimed at a  reliable and simple way of communication with the users.

SendPulse has outstanding features for better usage:

  • All possible channels of communication are available;
  • With the email service you can send automated messages, carry out A/B testing, monitor statistics and analytics of your campaigns;
  • Personalization and segmentation are available;
  • A wide choice of ready-made templates, usage of which doesn’t require HTML experience;
  • Set up the time for auto-sending SMS, emails and web push;
  • Free plans are available, sending web push notifications is free forever;
  • With the help of mobile app, you can track stats from your mobile device;
  • Affiliate program allows to receive high commissions;
  • Startup accelerator program will help to develop your business with $5,000 grant;
  • You can integrate the necessary module in SendPulse integration catalogue which includes Zapier, Typeform, Justuno, Translation Exchange, etc;
  • Helpful 24-hour support.

The main feature of SendPulse that will make your emails perform better is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This new functionality chooses the best time to send emails to the recipient on the basis of analysis of purchases history and behavior of the user. AI will improve your email open rates. Besides, AI can choose the best channel for message delivery (SMS, email, web push, mobile push).

Moreover, SendPulse offers the feature of Resend to unopened, that will increase your open rates by 30-80%.

Send SMS To over 200 countries on 900 mobile networks

Sendpulse SMS is really great since it allows to send SMS in more than 200 countries on 900 mobile networks. Automated sending is available. All you need is to create a series of SMS and set the sending according to the pre-defined schedule. This feature proves to be extremely useful when you communicate with the users form another time zone or when you want to send SMS on non-working days. Besides, with the help of a scheduler, you can send reminds about upcoming events, e.g. the user’s birthday.  It works at a speed of 200-500 SMS messages per second. Personalize your SMS for better results.

With the help of SMS, you can inform your subscribers about:

  • Discounts;
  • Seasonal promotions;
  • Order status;
  • Arrival of new stock;
  • Sales.

It’s pretty easy to send SMS in SendPulse.

On your dashboard choose «Send SMS»

SendPulse SMS Service

You can send 10 free text messages. Enter the sender’s name, text – 1 SMS is up to 124 symbols, recipients’ phone numbers. There are 2 options: you can upload the manually or import from another service.

Send Free Service using SendPulse

You can send messages immediately or choose another date and time. For this purpose, click on «Start sending SMS at». Besides, you can preview how the message will look like on your users’ mobile phones. Click on a phone right of the field «SMS from». Then click «Send».

Send free sms to anyone online

Improve your customers’ engagement with the help of SendPulse! Let me know if you have any queries and give us your feedback on this latest discover. 

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