Spicy Tips to Generate Income by Performing Art

make money by performing artsHard work always pays off. With all those intense hours practice and fine tuning of show, here you are performing on stage the 50th time after it’s already been performed for the first 49 times,take much less efforts than creating the first show from the scratch and so the generation of money would never be that easy as it flow passively with it. Performing live arts is like few wonderful moments with delightful experience, and once the show is over, it’s gone forever as no two performances are quite the same, there is always an element of something new. So as an artist you always wanted to give those moments to your viewers, the more you see people smiling and engrossed in your performance the better the chances you have to draw more profit.

Here is the essence you can put into your dish of performance to ignite the aroma of your performances, that will ultimately drag the big money with huge appreciation.

Level of creativity

Fantasies and reality are the two major poles where the artist could play. Sticking to the same Cinderella story or Shakespeare plays will completely make you deficient and took away the charm and label of ‘Being Different’. Bring twist and turns to the simple story that leave the audience mesmerizing.

Continue from where you ended

 Every show has to be new, no doubt! But sometimes you can consider to split a play by leaving the stone unturned of the most mysterious and engross story of the year, let your viewers wonder what’s going to be the end.

Unpredictable endings

You do not need to be completely predictable with Romeo getting dead Juliet, you can finish it in a way that is completely unpredictable but don’t be over surprising that it totally go against the common believe.

Don’t make it on Mondays

There are lot of factors that could affect the audience size and so does the number of seats sold, such as days and time, the venue, the subject matter, attendance reviews, type of show and most importantly your target audience. You need to make sure you are targeting a specific audience and most importantly you should know exactly from where to hunt your audience.

Expand and cover areas

 You should expand your audiences by delivering your art to different places, if you cant go there personally you can sale your plays in form of recordings or you can make a contract with TV channels and let them stream your play live.

Make it available at every place

Make sure your performance do not stand in the corner of the city, make it available on streets and markets to hunt your crowd.

Drag people

 Starting need to be flawless. People won’t trust and sit. You need to grab their attention. It could be the words or the flawless breath taking stunt that pulls the audience to the empty chair.

Bonus Giving

If a play get succulence don’t let just go it away in rain of success, publicize it more because the investment you will be making now has sure income,print t-shirts,mugs,banners etc about that particular play, make sure you have  copyrights for your work so that it cannot be performed by other artists.

Money won’t walk in by increasing the time of your show, quality and creativity are the essence to grab and drag more audience which is directly proportional to the money you generate.

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