How TV shows make money in 2014

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A business deal or investment is a perfect example of the fact that everything works on a principle of ‘give and take’. Investors invest their money into a business plan and try to make a lot more from their original investment. We can hit any kind of business market while considering money investment, business running and making profit out of it.

One of the most happening and uprising markets in today’s world is showbiz and media communications. Many TV channels appear in the list of making money through producing different kind of shows, dramas, reality TV shows etc. making money through TV shows is one interesting and brainy art and worth a lot of effort and money for investment.

In the race of producing a TV show better than those already produced; all the running TV forums require huge investments that could provide a much bigger payback to the channel and producers.

The producer of the show funds all the expenses in show making which is then picked up by a particular channel and gets paid by channel to air it. Then it comes to the sponsorship which is one of the key factors in making money through the shows. A company sells its advertisements for a show and during a show of, let’s say, 50 minutes, the TV channel allots 18 minutes to air different advertisements of companies and their products.

The criteria of running a commercial, is based on the money that each company has invested. The more the amount of investment, the greater would be the running time of commercials of that company. This thing goes on further with earning a lot of payback from the viewers. The commercials provide best marketing strategy to companies and it earns money to the channels which provide the payback to producers.

It would never be wrong to say that all this process works in a cycle. One single variation in a step can move entire mechanism of the cycle.

One more thing to keep in consideration is number of views per TV show. For this, different polls and surveys are done o find the audiences’ opinion of a show. It gives the rating of a show. The more the views of a show the more number of commercial it gets. In this way a channel wants to keep that specific program running for a long time to earn a huge payback out of it.

American Idol faced the same circumstances as related to the rating of the show. It got a huge number of viewership and became one of the highest paid and best shows of the time.

One other source of getting paid from the shows is the commercials of other TV shows in the break time of the show being aired. Different TV shows pay money to others to run their trailers and advertisements to attract audiences which is one of the best ways of marketing.

A show like True Blood gets money from HBO.
HBO hopes that it will have more people subscribe to its premium channel and they make money.

In 2014, Gotham came to appear as one of the most viewed and liked by audience show and it made a huge fan following. This resulted in a huge payback to this show produced by Bruno Heller.

Other highly paid shows of 2014 include true detective which is one of the most famous and great shows of the time it has launched its first season.

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