10 Recommended Bug Bounty Programs for Ethical Hackers

10 Recommended Bug Bounty Programs for Ethical Hackers

Bug bounty programs are getting famous these days and are strengthening their roots in the tech world. With the new vulnerabilities each day, it gets quite difficult to cope up with security breaches. Plus a third person can more clearly evaluate the present interruptions and flaws in the running system. So in order to avoid all the bugs and errors, many big companies have started the bug bounty culture for ethical hackers. Here, are 10 recommended bug bounty programs for ethical hackers.

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1) Security Bug Bounty from Facebook


Facebook Bug Bounty

Facebook being one of the biggest social networks attracts more security threats to itself. Therefore, Facebook has kept a special bounty for ethical hackers. If any one finds a bug in their security and keep it private till they access and fix it then they offer him a reward. Their minimum reward is $500 USD. There is no fixed maximum reward and it depends on the severity of the bug and issue. Facebook only offers a single bounty per bug.

2) Mozilla Bug Bounty Program


Mozilla Bounty for Ethical Hackers

Mozilla Bug Bounty Program aims to create the safest internet clients and prefers to encourage security research in Mozilla. For all the security researchers and ethical hackers, Mozilla offers a reward for finding out a security breach in their system. Their reward ranges from $500 to $3000 depending on the vulnerabilities along with a T-shirt.

3) PayPal Bug Bounty Program for Professional Researchers


Bug Bounty PayPal

PayPal is bound to pay a bounty to all those ethical hackers who have followed their terms and conditions. Anyone who identifies the bug keeps it private and after the security team approves his efforts, he will surely be reward. The reward ranges from $750 to $10,000.

4) Secunia Vulnerability Coordination Reward Program (SVCRP)


Secunia Bounty

SVCRP is a reward program initiated by Secunia for all the researchers who discover vulnerabilities. It would then ask a third party to confirm their bugs and handle all the coordination process with vendors on their behalf.

5) Etsy


Etsy Bug Bounty

Etsy is an e-commerce website which focuses more on handmade and vintage items. Etsy pays a minimum of $500 as reward to all the qualified ethical hackers. The reward depends on the conditions and qualifications determined by the Etsy security team.

6) Barracuda Networks


Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks allows $100 to $3133.7 as reward to their security researchers and ethical hackers. The bugs eligible for reward are those that intrude the confidentiality, availability, integrity or authentication of the product.

7) Microsoft Bug Bounty Program


Microsoft Reward

Microsoft has recently started a bug bounty program under which it offers around $150,000 for reporting correct bugs in its Windows 8.1 and $11,000 for its Internet Explorer 11. It also offers a Blue Hat prize for the ethical hackers.

8) Google Bug Bounty


Google Bounty

Google is one of the few companies who started to offer bug bounty on the successful detection of bugs. It offers a reward of around $100 to $20,000. Google makes its security researchers keep their bug info confidential.

9) Apple Bug Bounty


Apple Bounty for Ethical Hackers

Apple being famous all the over world has all the eyes on it. Despite having such great security team, it still has been prone to many bugs. Due to this reason, Apple has also started its bounty program which ranges from $15,000 to $115,000.

10) Dropbox Bug Bounty


Dropbox Ethical Hackers

Dropbox is one of the best innovations for storing your data on both the web and your system and keeping it all in sync. It offers a bug bounty of around $3,500.

These are the 10 recommended bug bounty programs for all the ethical hackers out there. Use these great bug reporting platforms and earn a few good bucks! All for now!

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