4 Avenues to Become Your Own Boss

4 avenues to become your own bossYou’ve decided that you’re done with the daily grind of working for someone else, but you really don’t want to start your own business. You’d rather have some of the heavy lifting done in terms of supplying the product while you go out and find the buyer. Or you have a product or service you want to sell, but you’d rather have someone brokering your work on your behalf. Following are four avenues for you to explore on your path to becoming your own boss.

10 Most Powerful Brands of 2016

RIW-10-most-powerful-brands-of-2016Brands and brand power is something quite viral these days. Everyone talks about brands and how powerful they are. The impact and affect of these brands could easily be seen in our lives. We are so dependent and in love with some of these that life without them is becoming a nightmare. Be it smartphones, food chains, entertainment industries; we love them all! So today, we have top 10 most powerful brands of 2016 outlined for you.

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Top 5 Sports Management Agencies of 2016


Sports management agency – the most lucrative business of today! Considering the athletes busy schedule, the changing culture and bankruptcies, now is the perfect time to get into this business. An agent in a sports management agency goes beyond the … [Continue reading]

How to have a dream wedding in Disneyland?


Having a Disney wedding is a wished and dreamt by almost every girl on this planet. The magic spell, the prince charming with all his charms, the extravagant wedding gown, the beautiful bridesmaids, the flowers and striking décor, the pumpkin coach, … [Continue reading]

2 Pakistanis who made it to Times 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016

Our world is full of beauty, peace, love and unbound talent. The teens, youngsters and adults all have expertise in one thing or the other and they only require the right amount of guidance, perfect platform and exposure to the outside world. When … [Continue reading]

10 reasons how Instagram is taking a lead over Snapchat


Instagram and Snapchat are like fraternal twins which serve a similar purpose with a diverse look and feel. Their sole idea is to share pictures and videos with friends, family or anyone they prefer to. With the rapid transformations and constant new … [Continue reading]

How a chai wala “tea maker” became a celebrity overnight?


With such huge advancements in technology and the great power of social media, waking up to stardom is becoming the news of the town. Recently, the story of a chai wala has been all over the internet and attracting huge audiences from various … [Continue reading]

Top Ten Countries with Best Infrastructure In 2016

best countries with Infrastructure

Significant, well-organized infrastructure is a need and priority for any economy to work competitively. That groundwork needs to be conserved and even modernized if a country wants its economy to run efficiently. Over the last few years, due to … [Continue reading]

Why Should You Choose Installment Loans Instead of Payday Loans?


Personal loans have a lot of different types. Technically, you may consider auto loans, home loans, payday loans, credit cards and credit lines as personal loans. If you are a borrower, you need to be cautious about any loan or credit that you are … [Continue reading]

Injured Due to Negligence? Litigation Funding Helps Pay the Bills

Litigation Funding Helps Pay the Bills

If you have been injured due to negligence, and you already have a lawsuit filed and a lawyer representing you, you can opt for litigation funding, also known as a settlement loan, to finance your litigation or to pay your household bills. However, … [Continue reading]