How a chai wala “tea maker” becomes a celebrity overnight?


With such huge advancements in technology and the great power of social media, waking up to stardom is becoming the news of the town. Recently, the story of a chai wala has been all over the internet and attracting huge audiences from various countries. This young man named Arshad Khan has gathered a huge fan following in just a few days time. However, he is still trying to grasp such huge attention.

Let’s have a look at how a chai wala ‘tea maker’ became a celebrity overnight and received immense limelight with the blink of an eye!

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Top Ten Countries with Best Infrastructure In 2016

best countries with InfrastructureSignificant, well-organized infrastructure is a need and priority for any economy to work competitively. That groundwork needs to be conserved and even modernized if a country wants its economy to run efficiently. Over the last few years, due to financial crisis, many countries are not able to preserve their infrastructure anymore but there are some who are still leading the way. The top ten countries with best infrastructure as followed!Read More →

Why Should You Choose Installment Loans Instead of Payday Loans?


Personal loans have a lot of different types. Technically, you may consider auto loans, home loans, payday loans, credit cards and credit lines as personal loans. If you are a borrower, you need to be cautious about any loan or credit that you are … [Continue reading]

Injured Due to Negligence? Litigation Funding Helps Pay the Bills

Litigation Funding Helps Pay the Bills

If you have been injured due to negligence, and you already have a lawsuit filed and a lawyer representing you, you can opt for litigation funding, also known as a settlement loan, to finance your litigation or to pay your household bills. However, … [Continue reading]

Billionaire Developer to Rebuild World Trade Center

Larry Silverstein world trade center

If you have always thought what stopped a world trade center to re-establish after the brutal incident of 9/11, the answer is, nothing. As per the latest reveals, Larry Silverstein, a renowned real estate owner, is all good to go to the rebuilding of … [Continue reading]

10 Best Sites To Learn Java Programming for Free!

learn JAVA Programming for free

There are certain websites that not only enhance your java programming skills, but are responsible for developing skills in you that you never had before.  If you are looking for best free platforms that can enhance your programming skills, it is … [Continue reading]

How to Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

How to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The most happening game of 2016 is all here that has created a hype in the market. Having attracted many users with the first release, pokemon Go is the most trending game right now. Here comes a complete help about how to catch the rare pokemon in … [Continue reading]

Why Is Pokemon Go Trending So Much?

Why is Pokemon Go trending so much

Pokemon Go is a very exciting new mobile game which is free of cost on both iOS and Android. This game lets you generate an avatar that can handle, train, craft and combat Pokemon characters inside the game. It is a new application from The Pokemon … [Continue reading]

What Is the Net Worth of Abdul Sattar Edhi?

Net worth of Abdul Sattar Edhi

Now that abdul sattar Edhi is not in between us, it is really a pleasure to know what a great man he was. People have been talking about how rich was he and here comes a detailed article stating his net worth! … [Continue reading]

10 Things Pakistanis Love About India

Pakistanis love about india

India and Pakistan, what people say are two children from one mother. There is a lot of similarities in the culture and ways of living. But its also true that there has been a huge gap between these countries for their critical political … [Continue reading]