How Much ILO Spend on Pakistan?

pakistan and iloPakistan is a country which has been struggling hard since the time it has come into existence. The struggle is not confined to any particular field but it covers a wide range of areas with the economy as a highlighted one in the list. There are many times when Pakistan faced economic crisis and financial instability but there are always international agencies and organizations to help it out. International Labor Organization (ILO) is one of the UN affiliated agencies working for the development and progress of the countries facing their hard times or being in any kind of crisis. The technical and financial assistance given by ILO is worth a great deal of investing money or giving funds and donations.Read More →

10 NGOs In Pakistan that Take Donations Internationally

ngo_logo1Pakistan, as we all know, is a country that can not survive on its own generated income or stake in different fields of life. There is a large part of Pakistan’s financial stability that has been played by different organizations and agencies (government or non-government). The role of non-governmental organizations in stabilizing the economic conditions of Pakistan can not be neglected anyhow. There are a great many names that work internationally for Pakistan by making their offices here and providing their services to develop the country.Read More →

How Much Debt Does Each Indian Citizen Need To Pay To IMF

2. india and imf

India, a country which is now considered as a stable one in the list of indebted countries. The economic conditions of India was not very well maintained or progressive even in the recent past years. India has struggled a long way and played smart … [Continue reading]

How Much Loan Do Freemasons Give To India


As of the present time statistics of IMF’s loan to the countries in a situation of need and urgency, India occupies a relatively better position. It is because India always refuses to take any kind of loan from IMF for a certain cause. The economy of … [Continue reading]

10 Hollywood’s Highest-Paid and richest Actors in 2015

Hollywood's Highest-Paid and richest Actors in 2015

Hollywood is all about great people, versatile actors, luxury and glamour. These people are one of the highest-paid in town! They have lives full of riches, hard work, success and loads and loads of dedication in their work. Let’s have a sneak peek … [Continue reading]

10 Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses in 2015

RIW - Highest Paid Actresses of Hollywood in 2015

  Hollywood and the latest news about Hollywood always spreads like a wild fire! People follow their favorite celebrities, consider them their role models and try to walk into their shoes. Therefore, we have brought for you a list of highest … [Continue reading]

10 Great Ways “Housewives” can Make Money using Facebook

how houseives make money with facebook

Housewives today are well-educated, and they are self-aware that real happiness can only be achieved when one is at pace of performing and reaching a goal everyday. Facebook has connected us in such a way that no other social media has done that … [Continue reading]

How To Get Blog Traffic Without Writing Much


If you have a website or you are a blogger, you would have questioned yourself or someone "How to get more blog traffic?" There is a popular myth - "The more you write and publish, the more traffic you receive." You can actually get more than enough … [Continue reading]

Why Sergey Brin Divorced his Wife?

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - DECEMBER 12: Anne Wojcicki and Sergey Brin (L-R) are presenters at the 2014 Breakthrough Prizes Awarded in Fundamental Physics and Life Sciences Ceremony at NASA Ames Research Center on December 12, 2013 in Mountain View, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for MerchantCantos)

Google's co-founder Sergey Brin devorced his wife Anne Wojcicki after six years of marriage. Their divorce made no headlines when it was approved in May. They married in 2007 and the separation news was recently made public towards the end of June … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Marketing Strategies For Selling Products Online


Thinking to earn online by marketing and merchandising? Read on to find out the top strategies to earn during this festive season. So how can you earn online by just sitting at home and marketing it? Here are the epic strategies to dispose products … [Continue reading]