5 Crazy Tips that will End Your Freelance Career

end your freelance careerFreelancing is surely an unpredictable business if you choose it as one. You can be the richest one in your family some month and the poorest of all at some day in near future. Therefore, people who look forward to consistent earnings should keep this bitter reality in mind always that a small negligence can cause them harm more than they can ever imagine. If you are a freelancer and want to play it safe by ensuring that you have a hold of constant earnings, here are 5 things you should really avoid else these tips will end your freelance career in no time!

1) Over-exaggerate your skills

A pack of good words or a lie can get you client once but the story reaches its end sooner or later. What freelancers do to get a contract on freelancing sites is to show skills that thy actually do not have to win the client but you see, your clients are the real professional ones, they are paying you for a service they better know about it and its worth already. It is really great to add some limelight on your portfolio but freelancers who use false ideas to impress their clients soon earn disappointment and nothing else.

2) Bid Low to Win Clients

All good things have some price that are only affordable for people who are really interested to get some better ones out of a bag full of different varieties. This very fact is one of the practical rules for any business you choose for yourself. If it is freelancing, yes, it implies here equally. What I have been encountering lately on different freelancing sites is that even freelancers with decent stats bid pretty low than the minimum range been offered by the client too, just to get their hands on the project. By doing so, they are actually putting a cheaper price tag over their skill which is completely a non-professional way in the freelancing business. Clients offer their range after calculating the skills and hard work needed to complete the task and by bidding low, you place an impression that there is something lacking in your potentials and probably this is why you are ready to work in low price too.

3) Be Lazy-Take it easy-Chill!

Once you are into a money making business, there shouldn’t be these three phrases in your dictionary anymore. Freelancing can be a difficult way to make money for those who do not understand the significance of deadlines and often tell their clients that the work has not been completed by the due date. A client whom you have given a tough time in meeting the deadlines would never work with you again, after all, all it matters is business is time-and-timely decisions.

4) Leaking out personal details

Personal details are meant to be personal especially in a business like freelancing. People who reveal their addresses, passwords or share their official documentations with people they actually do not know are likely to fall for a scam.

5) Taking too late to bid for next contract

It is your contract that pays you actually so it sounds really foolish if you take ages in bidding for new contracts while you are still working on your current project. Do not forget that a consistent earning in freelancing requires an efficient approach of applying for potential contracts.

With the above stated points, we really hope that you enjoy sustainability in your freelancing business.

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