10 Things Indians Love About Pakistan

Things indian loves about pakistanDespite the fact regarding India and Pakistan, that both the countries share a critical kind of relation, we have come up with these interesting facts that there is a lot what Indians love about Pakistan. Things are not always what they apparently look like. Indians have got a softer and lighter corner for Pakistan and they openly appreciate and admire Pakistan for its positive side. Lets see what they lie the most about Pakistan!

Pakistani Food

 pakistani food loved by indians

There is no way that someone doesn’t miss Pakistani food after having it for once. Indians when asked about the things they love in Pakistan, it’s the food at the top of the list. The tempting pakoras and samosas, and the most famous ‘parathas’ never let Indians get over it.

Women of Pakistan

Women of Pakistan india

Cheers to all the beautiful Pakistani women out there. Be it Mahira Khan or Hina Rabbani Khar, there is a huge fan following for these pretty women belonging to Pakistan. According to surveys, Indians admire Pakistani beauty and are fans of many actresses and other famous ladies. Hina Rabbani Khar tops the list according to a survey.

Pakistan’s Northern Areas

Pakistan's northern areas

Pakistan has definitely got real beauty as we see the Northern areas and explore these places fully. After visiting places like murree, K2, Kaghan valley, Saiful Mulook, Hunza valley and Azad Kashmir, one can not resist coming back here. Indians are fond of these places and want to visit them all at least once in a lifetime.

Coke Studio

 coke Studio

You can always find Indians looking for quality music and they don’t get biased at all in praising music. Around 2 million likes from India for Coke Studio Pakistan’s page on facebook show how much Indians follow this show and like it. Coke Studio features a wide range of music genres and fusions which attract Indians and they cant resist loving it.

Pakistani TV Dramas

Pakistani TV Dramas

In recent past time, Pakistani drama serials have become very popular in India and Indians have started following these dramas on regular basis. Humsafar, zindagi gulzaar haia nd pyaare Afzal are a few dramas which have been liked by Indians the most.

Music And Musicians

India has got a rich musical culture and every individual there not only listens to the music but understands and learns it. Keeping this in mind, its an honor that Indians love Pakistani music and musicians. Pakistani pop, folk and sufi music is more likely to be some best forms of music for Indians. They preach art beyond any barrier of borders or language. Singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar and Quratul Ain Baloch are some of their favorites.

Fawwad Khan

Fawwad Khan

Fawwad Khan couldn’t resist taking hearts of Indian ladies after hitting Pakistani ladies with his amazing looks. Indian public in general and ladies in particular loves Fawwad Khan for his looks and performance. His movies like Khoobsurat and Kapoor and sons played a big part in this regard.

Pakistani Attire

Pakistani attire

Be it Sindhi Ajrak or be it Peshawari Khussa, Indians show great love for Pakistani attire. They find it quite interesting that every area of Pakistan has got their own kind of attire and getup.


Indian’s love for Lahore is a proof that they are admirers of culture of Pakistan. Lahore’s days and nights, culture, language, food street and accent are some incredible things that Indians can never get over.

Truck Art

Truck art of pakistan

The coolest thing that has just become popular in Pakistan in recent past days is the truck art. Indians are found to follow these truck arts’ pictures and love the colors and floral designs with funny or cheesy pickup lines.

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