10 Things Pakistanis Love About India

Pakistanis love about indiaIndia and Pakistan, what people say are two children from one mother. There is a lot of similarities in the culture and ways of living. But its also true that there has been a huge gap between these countries for their critical political relationship. This changes the atmosphere timely. But there are some better things other than being enemies what people of both the countries like about each other. Here are ten things that Pakistanis love about India and can get over them!



There is an old and a very strong bond between Pakistanis and India that is called Bollywood. This super cool connection comes from super hit Indian masala movies hitting the interest of Pakistanis. Pakistanis love everything about Bollywood movies, actors, music, singers and dialogues. You can easily find people throwing famous lines from Indian movies in their daily conversations.


Indian Music

Indian music has that power that binds Pakistanis to love it. Most popular form of Indian music is its film soundtracks which Pakistanis have been following since it was in hands of Kishore Kumar, Lata, Mohommad Rafi and Asha Bhosle until now when its Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Arijeet Singh and composers like A.R Rehman.

Indian Food

Indian Food

Although Indian food is quite similar to Pakistani food but their speciality in Masala Dosa, Wara Pao, Pao Bhaji, Cholay Bhaturey and the mouthwatering Paani puri has nothing to be compared with. Pakistanis are fond of biryani too and India has so many different varieties of biryani.


Saris of indiA

Talking of India and its culture, how can we forget the Saris and women carrying them with great elegance and style. Different traditional, formal, casual, hyderabadi and gujrati style saris are being loved by Pakistanis. There is a great export of saris from India to Pakistan.

Taj Mahal

Taj mahal india

Taj Mahal is one of the greatest pieces of architecture not only in India but world. Its historical significance and the beauty of its design is being admired by Pakistani. The very first thing that they want to visit in India is none other than Taj Mahal.

TV Advertisements

 Tv Advertisements

This is an interesting form of art to make TV commercial and according to Pakistanis, India masters in this art. The creativity of the concepts and unique ideas that they bring with every commercial is phenomenal.

Many of these commercials become viral on Pakistani social media which shows how much Pakistanis love them.

Cricket Batting Line Up

Indian Cricket Batting line up

When it comes to cricket, Indian team has become a world fame. Its batting line up is somrthing that Pakistanis would love and envy too for Pakistan Vs India has always been a matter of life and death for both nations.

Nevertheless, Pakistanis praise Sachin Tendulkar for being king of cricket, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh.


Indian Khans

The frenzy of being a fan of ‘Khans’ can never be stopped in Pakistan. People of Pakistan are as crazy for Bollywood Khans as of India. Shahrukh Khan’s romantic style, Salman’s action and moves and Amir Khan’s being perfect are all accepted and admired by their Pakistani fans.

IT Industry

India’s IT industry is on its way to a great success. Pakistanis who keep a concern in this area are highly inspired of the emerging technologies and Indian approach towards IT.

Art and Architecture

. Art and Architecture

India has a great respect and acknowledgement for any form of art and they praise it by their hearts. Music, dance, architecture, poetry and painting and you just have to name it. The architecture of India is being liked by Pakistanis for it is where their ancestors belonged to.

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