How Much ILO Spend on Pakistan?

pakistan and iloPakistan is a country which has been struggling hard since the time it has come into existence. The struggle is not confined to any particular field but it covers a wide range of areas with the economy as a highlighted one in the list. There are many times when Pakistan faced economic crisis and financial instability but there are always international agencies and organizations to help it out. International Labor Organization (ILO) is one of the UN affiliated agencies working for the development and progress of the countries facing their hard times or being in any kind of crisis. The technical and financial assistance given by ILO is worth a great deal of investing money or giving funds and donations.

Pakistan and ILO

9. inter  national labor organization

Pakistan and International Labour Organization have been together since 1970 when ILO country was established in Pakistan. ILO has been always supportive for Pakistan in many aspects specifically to eliminate poverty and provide decent work to the common men of the country without any gender discrimination. Social justice for all is one other objective of ILO to implement in Pakistan. Its works in Pakistan include promotion of international labour standards, mainstreaming gender equality, elimination of child labour, strengthening labour market governance and many other areas.

How Much ILO Spend On Pakistan


ILO having a soft corner for Pakistan and other countries under development, play a vital role in order to get them a stable economy and eliminate the curse of poverty, child labor and other social issues related to financial issues. In this regard, ILO has been spending a huge amount of money as financial and technical assistance in many sectors of Pakistan. It keeps an eye on economy of the country and checks the instability on regular basis.

As of 2009, ILO in collaboration with fourteen other agencies of United Nations started a project named as TGP (Towards Gender Parity in Pakistan). It aimed to fight with poverty by providing equal access to employment to men and women.

In 2010, after the destructive monsoon rains in Pakistan hitting a large part of Sindh, ILO came up with a UN joint program on livelihood restoration in collaboration with FAO. It aimed to protect and secure the livelihoods of flood victims in rural areas of Sindh by supporting them to raise their on-farm productive capacities.


A convention was held by UNDP and ILO in Pakistan to bring the issues faced by youth while their employments and jobs in limelight. This national consultation had three basic themes of education, employment and engagement. In order to work on all these projects and take any actions, ILO spent a good enough money to get things done.

As of the most recent settlement in 2015, Government of Pakistan and ILO has signed a letter of understanding to support public private partnership on labour law compliance in the textile sector in Faisalabad. It targeted 210 industrial units over the next three years. This is much of a financial support from any fund raising agency that ILO pays to support Pakistan.

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