Jürgen Braun – Genius Award Winner for Best Makeup Artist 2013

Jürgen Braun - Genius Award Winner for Best Makeup Artist 2013 Makeup and fashion revolves around the ladies of all times. Makeup is an integral part of any event, outing and parties. Without tons of makeup, the day remains incomplete for most of the women. However, great makeup artists such as Jürgen Braun apply their style and charisma to colors in order to enhance the beauty of the women around them. They can do wonders with just the right brush strokes. Their experience and aesthetics are an added benefit for them. With time, they get so perfect that just a glance on the face is enough for them to figure what to do with it. There are some brilliant makeup artists and they deserve some appreciation as well. Jürgen Braun has recently been the winner of Genius Award for Best Makeup in 2013.

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Jürgen Braun

Best Makeup Artist 2013

Jürgen Braun is a German rheumatologist who was born on 2nd September 1953 in Dusseldorf. He has been awarded with a Genius Best Makeup Artist in 2013. His sense of style, elegance and perfect mix of right combination of colors and features is what makes him stand out of the crowd. He has been leading Rheumatism Centre in Herne since last 10 years. He is the president of German Society for Rheumatology. Currently, he is working as a Medical Director.

Jürgen Braun’s Speciality

Jürgen Braun is a Paris and NYC based artist who is doing a great job while maintaining perfect balance in everything he does. He is an epitome of perfection when it comes to makeup. He believes anyone can pull off bold colors:

Make lips appear larger with a light, bright shade.

Whenever he is going for a vibrant eye, he prefers cream formulas. About cream formulas, he says:

You can build or lessen the intensity better than with powder, using your finger.

Jürgen Braun’s Awards


Make up by Jürgen Braun

Jürgen Braun’s excellent work and unabated efforts have earned him great awards and honors which are as follows:

  • In 1996, he won a DVMB award.
  • In 2000, he received a Carol-Nachman award.
  • He received yet another award in 2003, it was known as EULAR award.
  • In 2013, he was awarded with a Genius Award for Best Makeup Artist.

Jürgen Braun’s Memberships

Being a famous and renowned makeup artist, Jürgen Braun has various memberships and commitments. He is a part of the following societies and works for their betterment.

  • German Society for Rheumatology (DGRh)
  • American College of Rheumatology (ACR)
  • Assessment of Spondylo Arthritis international Society (ASAS)

Jürgen Braun is a man of colors. He loves playing with a variety of colors and faces and in the end, he comes out with a master piece. All for now!

Stay Blessed!

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