What Killed Paul Walker?

What Killed Paul WalkerThe world though recovered from the grief, still has not been able to absorb the fact that Paul Walker is no longer in between us. The handsome hunk left all his fans crying in 2013 in an accident, fight for his life happily, winning death at the cost of his love for speed.

Did you know what killed Paul Walker? Yes, it was an accident but what more? Let us look at the other side of the story, but before that, let us first see who Paul Walker actually is.

Paul Walker-The Legend

Born on 12th September 1973, Paul was an American actor, philanthropist and also the founder of Reach out Worldwide an organization working to collect funds for natural disaster hit people. He started his career as a model at the tender age of two appearing in pamper advertisement and then as a toddler he appeared in many series but soon became famous from his film Varsity blues however his big break came when he starred in Fast and the Furious first film out of six as an undercover police officer Brian o Conner and since then he never looked back his fate was sealed with success and fame. He was rumored to be opted for future James bond and have also rejected the offer to become superman lead role. He was marine biologist by academics and was also seen in national geographic channel documentaries too and was dubbed with title “Shark Men”. Walker was a successful artist and grabbed many nominations for awards and awards to by his unmatched skills of acting and thrill. He left a 15 year old daughter, Meadow rain that he had from ex-girlfriend Rebecca Mcbrain.

paul walker and his daughter meadow rain

The ups and downs in his personal life!

His personal life did not contain much of spice or gossips he was a party loving person however his one and long life girlfriend was Rebecca from which he had a baby daughter too name Meadow Rain whom he loved a lot. He was stated saying that baby girl was not planned however once he was gifted the title of father by nature his daughter became his number one priority. He broke up with his daughter mother soon however for past many years he had another girlfriend named Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell who was 17 years old younger than him and they met when she was just 16years old.


His love for speed!

“If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.”

The above sentence is tweeted by fans of Walker on many occasions after his death claiming to be the words of Walker himself. His love, compassion and commitment to racing and speed were endless and not even a single day of his life passed away without the inclusion of speed. In 2009 documentation was released by name of 2009 interview with Parade in which his experience and love for speed was shown on and off screen both. He was famous for his fast driving skills and escaped many fatal crashes in his life before the final one.

The accident

It was almost 3:30 pm when Paul walker breath for the last time in the world leaving millions to mourn for his death. His car was reported to flip and smash into a tree in Santa Clarita at the astonishing speed of 300km/h or more. Sitting on the passenger seat Walker and his friend identified as Roger Rodas was driving the car lost the control of Red Porsche Gt. People who witnessed the incident ran to the site with fire extinguisher however nature was not merciful to both of them and they succumbed to death with multiple fractures and thermal injuries.

Paul walker got killed in fatal car crash  as a headline flashed in late November leaving all the fans in grief which can never be overcome by any means. Speed killed Paul walker, that is, the only thing which kept him alive. However, Life is limited love is eternal and Paul walker love will always remain alive.

We will always miss Paul and his skills in all domains.


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