How Much Money Temple Run Has Made So Far

History-of-Temple-Run.pngStill a fan of Temple Run? Love to run and keep running? Welcome to the most latest update on how much money Temple Run has made so far in the domain of mobile gaming. Who knew that  the game is going to be such a profit for the makers!

History of Temple Run

It is one of those “endless running” video games released in 2011 and was published and developed by very well-known Raleigh-based Imangi Studios but initially this game was designed by a husband and wife Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova in collaboration with Kiril Tchangov. This game was basically made for the iOS users but after it became available for  android and smart phone users as well including windows phone 8. This game makes the use of the swiping controls in order to lever the character and because this game has a variety of different features, it has set the gaming world on fire for sure.

Temple Run Followers

Temple Run Followers Money Temple Run Has Made So Far

The addictiveness of this game can be determined by the fact that around thirteen million plays this game every day according to Imangi Studios and this huge amount of daily users has surpassed the number of people who play Zynga mobile games namely Farmville, Words with Friends and Zynga Poker on both iOS and Android. Temple run 2 has recently reached its one billionth download and which is the sort of achievement that most of the video game makers only dream to achieve.

Revenue Generated By Temple Run

Revenue Generated By Temple Run Money Temple Run Has Made So Far

Temple run has been ranked as number 273 on top grossing apps and number 59 on top free apps. The daily installments of this game are about 18,630 and thought he developers have been reluctant in telling the estimated revenue of the game it can eventually be said that they make millions of dollars from their in-app purchases. Freemium has really held on as something that has resounded with players. Freemium games tend to make more revenue per download than an equivalent product. The makers of temple run are self-funded and though there are many people that are reaching out to them but in order to acquire them and wish to invest in the revenue and profit but they are not interested in growing the company more rather they want to keep it small. This is something they want from their life that is to stay small and work with the things they wish.

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