How Qualified IS Hamza Ali Abbasi

how qualified is hamza ali abbasiWhenever it comes to name the Pakistani stars who have got sound and brilliant academic record alongwith quality education, we can never neglect one leading name. There are many of them but right now we are bringing the bold and the talented Hamza Ali Abbasi to the limelight. He has got everything what an actor needs to have in order to win the hearts of the audiences. His charismatic personality and sharpened skills of acting make him steal the hearts of the fans and to upgrade the standard of Pakistani Showbiz Industry. He has succeeded to make thousands of fans already and still coming up with amazing projects and ventures that his fans and followers cant even think of missing. It was a general introduction indeed, but for a star like Hamza, it might not be enough. People must be very curious to know much more about him.

Lets have a closer look towards his life.

Hamza Ali Abbasi- Leading Actor Of Pakistan

The “Pyaare Afzal” of Pakistani drama industry, justifying this name in real life for his dashing looks and charming beauty, was born in Multan, Pakistan on 23rd of June, 1984. His schooling and basic early education is from Pakistan and according to sources he went to Quaid-I Azam University for higher education. He did CSS and opted police career for him at first. HE served as a CSP officer for some time but his passion and interest of acting made him resign from his civil services job in police department. He then went to USA to learn film making and get a professional degree to start off with his acting career. That’s pretty unusual but amazing that one quits as a CSP officer to enter media.
Hamza’s Career and Achievements.

hamza ali Abbasi 's career and achievements

Hamza started his career as a theatre actor and appeared in ‘Dally in The Dark’ in 2006. It was his first theatre play followed by a good number of plays including ‘Bombay Dreams’, ‘Home Is Where Your Clothes Are’, ‘Phantom of The Opera’, Tom Dick And Harry’ and ‘Moulin Rouge’.

He debuted as a TV actor in 2012 in ‘Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Mile’ in which Hamza interestingly played a negative role. This gained him loads of fan following and popularity for his talent. The most prominent and ever green character played by Hamza is of ‘Afzal’ in the drama serial ‘Pyaare Afzal’. The phenomenal acting by Hamza which were complemented by his intense yet innocent and strong yet loving looks made the drama a success. The drama turned out to be the best drama of the year in all aspects and Hamza the best actor, ofcourse. The same year, he appeared in two telefilms ‘Ek Tha Raja Aur Ek Thi Rani’ and ‘Gullu weds Gooli’. His current drama ‘Man Mayal’ is another popular project which made him a heartthrob of the industry.

how qualified is hamza ali abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi proved his acting skills not only for his acting in drama but he came to big screen through acting in films. He appeared in Humayun Saeed’s “Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi” and won ARY Film Awards for Best actor debut. He then appeared in one action mega hit of Pakistani film industry, “Waar”. It was then after a long time that he got a chance to wear the uniform after resigning from his real job in police department. He did a phenomenal job in Waar and again won ARY Film Awards for supporting actor. In 2015, he played a relatively lighter role in ‘Jawaani Phir Nai Aani’. His upcoming movies to be released are ‘Maula Jatt 2’ and ‘Kambakht’.

He also directed a film named as ‘Madhouse and The Golden Doll’ which concludes that Hamza is a full fledge star and made for the uprising media industry of Pakistan. He is also found as a devoted patriot who always prefers the reputation and pride of Pakistan over anything.

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