What Payment Does Each ICC Player Gets

Icc players earningThe cricket spree never gets old! Whether it is in the form of one day international, twenty20 internationals or test matches, cricket fans are eager to see the best game coming from them. World’s international cricket has now come to a boom and cricket followers just don’t let it go off like anything. To govern the world’s cricket anywhere, anytime and in the name of any tournament, one body that is responsible is International Cricket Council (ICC). Since cricket has now become famous not only as a sport but it also gives players to earn great fortune out of it. ICC spends a lot of money on each player for international matches. This is how the cricketers cash their infinite talent and skills of playing a good and attacking game for their respective teams.

Some of the prominent ICC players are mentioned below with their salaries and income that they get from their game.

AB de Villiers

AB De Villiers ICC Player

The current captain of South Africa’s ODI team, Ab De Villiers is on the top of the list in the ICC ranking of 2015. He is the fastest batsman to make 7000 runs in one day internationals. This awesomeness definitely deserves a good cashback. He gets a salary of 130,000 US dollars from ICC for his central contract. His annual income has been estimated to 1680,000 ZAR.

Virat Kohli – ICC Player

ICC Player virat kohli

Virat Kohli, the incredible and unbeatable batsman from India comes to the list of highest paid cricketers of the world. His flawless and artistic batting skills took him to height of success and popularity in a less time. He is the current captain Indian Twenty20 format team. Out of his $12 million net worth, his salary is $3 million that he earns from international cricket forum.

MS Dhoni- ICC Player

 MS dhoni ICC Player

Yet another cricket king from India, MS Dhoni is the highest paid cricketers of the world in 2016. He is calm and cool with his phenomenal gaming tactics. His amazing captaincy can never be forgotten in the history of world cricket. He makes it to be on the first rank in the highest paid cricketers by ICC with a salary of $5.7 million.

Chris Gayle – ICC Player

 Chris GAyle ICC Player


Chris Gayle from West Indies,l renowned for his hard hitting and making a record of scoring 250 runs against Zimbabwe in world cup 2015. His annual salary including all formats has been estimated to $4.5 million.

Shane Watson -ICC Player

5. Shane Watson

Shane Watson from Australia is said to be the best all-rounder of the present cricket era. His net income through salary from ICC is $3 million which makes him enter the list of highest paid cricketers.

Shahid Afridi – ICC Player

Shahid Afridi is the next world famous name from Pakistan. He is the current captain of Pakistani twenty20 format team. He is an all-rounder with a great number of amazing performances. For all his efforts, the income that he makes is $2.3 million coming from his contract and other t20 leagues.

Mitchell Johnson- ICC Player

Mitchell Johnson, the man that brings life to the present Australian team with his efforts is the next highest paid cricketer from ICC. According to Business Review Weekly, he made a total of $4.1 million in the year 2015 that made him a part of this list.

Glenn Maxwell – ICC Player

Glenn Maxwell also makes it to be on the list from Australian elite cricketers with a total income of $2.4 million in the year 2015 from ICC. It is his effortless and fast batting style that is popular among the present cricketers of the world.

Quinton de Kock – ICC Player

Quinton de Kock from South Africa earned $1.4 million from his last match. His 2015’s annual income was $6.2 million. He is an attacking batsman with flawless and big shots on the ground.

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