Top Ten Richest People of Palestine In 2016

Top Ten Richest People of Palestine In 2016Palestine is a partly recognized state of Middle East. Most of the areas claimed under the State of Palestine are occupied by Israel for many years where there is always a state of war. Despite all these factors, Palestine is a part of United Nations and has also been granted the status of nonmember observer state. Though the existence of Palestine had been a controversy since its independence, this country has produced many billionaires and millionaires who are establishing the economy of the country and are also inaugurating foreign relationships with leading countries of the world.

Top ten richest people of Palestine in 2016 are as shared below.

Munib Al-Masri

1 Munib-Al-Masri

Net worth: 5 billion dollars

Known for: Businessman

Duke of Nablus, Munib Al-Masri is a Palestinian philanthropist and businessman. Moreover, he is a great industrialist, statesman and is head of Al- Masri family. He is currently serving as CEO of Edgo Group which is a leading multinational energy corporation.

Adil Al-Ishaq & family

2 Adil Al-Ishaq & family

Net worth: 4.7 billion dollars

Known for: Al-Ishaq Group

Adil Al-Ishaq & family are currently are residence of United States but has been born and raised in Palestine. Their major source of income is their family business known as Al-Ishaq Group.

Bahaa Hariri

3 Bahaa Hariri

Net worth: 3 billion dollars

Known for: Inherited business and industries

Bahaa Hariri is the first-born son of Rafik Hariri who is a famous former Lebanese Prime Minister. He has been working in his family construction business since 1990 and has his own development corporation called Saudi Oger, Ltd.

Steve Wynn

4 Steve Wynn

Net worth: 2.8 billion dollars

Known for: Wynn resorts and other varying businesses

Though he was born and raised in United States, he is currently a citizen of Palestine. He is the CEO of Wynn Resorts and has been involved in construction and making of historically evident hotels of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

David Nahmad

5 David Nahmad

Net worth: 1.7 billion dollars

Known for: Fine art dealer

David Nahmad is a famous businessman and fine art dealer of Palestine. He is a descendent of a Lebanese art family and is currently residing in Monaco.

Ezra Nahmad

6 Ezra Nahmad

Net worth: 1.5 billion dollars

Known for: Fine art collection

He was born in Lebanon and is famous for his wide ranging fine art collection. He is a billionaire with net worth of about 1.5 billion dollars and has also been estimated by Forbes magazine as one of the richest man in the world.

Bashar Masri

7 Bashar Masri

Net worth: 1.5 billion dollars

Known for: Palestinian entrepreneur

Bashar Masri is a Palestinian citizen and is a very well-known entrepreneur here. He is trained in chemical engineering and has knowledge of management consulting as well.

Safra Family

8 Safra Family

Net worth: 1.2 billion dollars

Known for: Banking

Safra Family is one of the richest families of Palestine according to rankings given by Forbes magazine. This illustrious family has also been a part of gold trade throughout the boundaries of Middle East for many years.

Albert II

Net worth: 1 billion dollars

Known for: Ruling emperor of Monaco

Albert II is the son of Rainier III and American actress Grace Kelly. He is one of the wealthiest royals of the world and has earned his money by being the Prince of Monaco and managing his own real estate business.

Lily Safra

10 Lily Safra

Net worth: 1 billion dollars

Known for: Family business and banking

She is a 71 year old, one of the richest woman of Palestine apart from her inherited family business. She has earned her worth by being a famous socialite and philanthropist in London and New York and is close friends with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

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