Cover your Car with Advertisements and Make Money!

Cover your Car with Advertisements and Make Money! Car Warps are like bumper stickers but these bumper stickers are made of steroids. These car wraps are widely used by advertisement companies to attract people towards them and in return, they give the owner of the car some good cash. Yes, you can earn a handsome amount just by turning your car into a moving advertisement. In this way, you can fill up your pocket by going on the roads to your actual destination. You can also advertise your own business and increase your clients.

Let’s take a look at how can you cover your car with advertisements!

How to Begin with Advertisements?

To begin with advertisements, all you have to do is to sign up on a companies’ website and fill in basic demographics information. If your information matches the company’s criteria, they will contact you. Their promotions last for a few months to years which will definitely cause an increase in the amount of money you earn. You might end up earning $400 to $900 per month to serve as a moving bill board.

Which cars are chosen for Advertisements?


Car with Advertisement

The big and renowned advertising companies just don’t fall for any available space. The car owners must fulfill all their pre-requisites before they can even think of earning a penny. While selecting car space for their advertisements, they look for cars which are driven along the most popular areas of the city and get maximum exposure during the rush hours. For them, the best candidates are those who:

  • Have a valid driving license.
  • Drive 1,000 miles per month.
  • Have lots of ad space such as SUVs and big vans.
  • Go through areas which are related to the advertiser’s market.
  • Can very easily pass a background check.

These are a few things the advertisement companies need to see before they make any engagements.

Look for Right Car Wrapping Companies

Don’t make hassle! Before you opt for any advertisements, make sure you are well aware of all the car wrapping companies in your arena. Search on the internet and all the available yellow pages. Find out everything about their partnerships and contracts. Beware of scams! Make sure the advertisement company you are choosing has some grounds in your area and is not a scam game.

Choose your Level of Car Wrap


Advertisement Companies

Whenever you are about to go for car wrap, you should think beforehand about what you actually want. There are two types of wrapping; either you go for a complete wrap or choose specific areas for the advertisement. Some people prefer complete wrap over their cars while others tend to have a neat and clean look after advertisement so they choose only windshield or bumper sticker. The amount of money you can earn this way totally depends on the amount of space you offer for advertisement. You will have to trade-off between your car space and money!

Stay Blessed!

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