How to Make Money as a Hairdresser?

Make Money as a HairdresserYour hair will never stop growing and as every hair is different from other so how can you miss the most vulnerable way to fill in your pockets? When you sit to jot down the ideas of earning you look for how tough it could get for you, how much do you need to use your skills and ultimately you make sure, no matter with what you start it should have the element of creativity, experiment and life with no regrets and there could be nothing better than starting as a hair dresser!

Beauty Professional has a total control of their income and when they are standing behind their chair they know exactly how making more money. How? It’s really pretty easy, but there is a catch. Let us discuss how you can actually adopt hair dressing as your profession and make money!

Learn about new trends


You better keep yourself equipped with your eyes open. You would not like to hear from your customer that you got nothing new. Keep weekly updates, find out about the latest trends, latest new wears, bring out the star sitting on your chair. You can’t leave your customer to decide always what to wear, but you can you can sharply examine their personality and propose new looks. Some people love to stay updated, with your cravings to bring out the trendy looks your chair may turn into the most wanted seat of the year.

Come up with a new idea

new hairdressing idea

Old is gold but too old gold won’t even look nice. You need to trim and reshape it, that’s exactly the way it goes with your hair. If you are planning to stick with old bangs and straight cuts you might lose the potential customers who love to experiment. Think about a new way you can twist and turn, fade and color and could do something innovative with those cuts and curls. Find volunteers, make a catalogue of various styles and colors and let your customer decide from your own updated magazines.

Build up fan following

hair business fan following

Don’t forget you are planning to work for the long term, so it’s important you think about the image and building your regular customers. Every time when you are giving your best ask for their little favors and contributions either in the form of joining your website or specific page and leaving the comments or photos or you can maintain a journal carrying their comments which you could leave it next to your waiting area for your new customers to review. This will build a relationship of comfort which is very important for your client to be happy.

Social media publicity

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Let others know you are available. Very few people would not like to trust on newcomers in the field but fortunately you are living in an area where people do not hesitate to try something new unless they know about it. Spread a word in your neighbors, leave pictures and catalogues in offices of nearby homes, let your customers know if they need any assistance you can come personally at their places too. Drop few words in your local newspaper or you can build a page, adding people from nearby places to let them know you know best.

Make people look good

Your only job is to make them say “Wow! I look beautiful”. You seriously need to shift ideas or do something better if you heard anything like, ‘Yeah it looks ok!’ Believe me it’s not looking ok! And she is not going to come back. Leave no stone unturned to fix them because people hardly appreciate your talking unless they see the work done. Bring out new looks, convince them to try which you think is going to go amazing through your experience. Bring out the star in them because your only mission is to make them look wonderful.

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