How Rich are Rafi and Benny from YouTube?

Rafi and BennyIt is actually hard to believe that there are individuals on YouTube, who have taken this video making activity to a whole new level. These people make videos not only for fun, but they are actually making money through it. These YouTubers are doing wonders all over the world. Among these YouTubers, are the Fine brothers. Rafi Fine (aged 33) and Benny Fine (aged 35) are together known as the Fine Brothers. Fine brothers started their internet career back in 2004. Rafi and Benny are popular and are known mainly for their different video series, which include, their React video series, several time spoiler series, narrative web series and YouTube, MyMusic , which is a very popular sitcom among individuals. Not only this, Fine Brothers have also launched their own production company which is called the ‘Fine Brothers Entertainment’. Through this company they have produced many television shows, different feature films.

Rafi and Benny, are the inventers of the YouTube biggest channels, with almost 3 billion viewers and 14 million subscribers. This channel is known as ‘TheFineBros’. Then later, Rafi and Benny came up with another channel called ‘TheFineBros2’. In 2014, Rafi and Benny launched their third channel, called the ‘React’.

Rafi and Benny’s reaction videos

Rafi and Benny earned fame and popularity through their Reaction videos. Rafi and Benny have produced a number of these reaction videos, whether you are a teenager, a kid, an adult or a regular YouTuber user, there is a react video for all.

Lost: what will happen next?

Among the different series from Rafi and Benny, one was called Lost: what will happen next?. This show was basically a parody show, this show was made interesting by adding special characters from different movies such as avatar, star wars etcetera. This show showed the creativity that the Fine Brothers were capable of doing.

A shocking phase

Rafi and Benny’s channel ‘React’ is also known as one of the channel, that has lost subscribers very fast. There even came a point, when Rafi and Benny started losing about 10,000 subscribers in an hour and lost a total of 170,000 followers from their channel which once was very popular. This was due to the fact that a number of YouTubers started making similar reaction videos. Rafi and Benny, even cleared their situation by posting on social media that they don’t claim reaction videos as their property. And that they know a large number of people are working on reaction based content, and they, not in any possible way, are suing anyone for posting such videos.

Awards won by Rafi and Benny

Despite the controversy that Rafi and Benny faced, the Fine Brothers have been a popular name all across the globe. Not only that, few of the videos have also received on basis of their ideas and popularity. Fine Brothers won the Kids React at the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards, the Kids React at the Inaugural IAWTV Awards, Kids React at the 3rd Streamy Awards and the Kids React at the 2014 IAWTV Awards. While there are many other videos of Rafi and Benny that got nominated and got recognized during the career of Fine Brothers.

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