Top College Degrees that will Make you More Money

Top College Degrees that will Make you More Money College degrees are what make you earn most of your money. Half of the people spend their whole lives by making a living out of their college degrees. Studies reveal that out of all the jobs, graduates with an engineering background are more likely to cash in their skills when they hit the market. Therefore, people tend to work hard to achieve a good college degree so that they earn a handsome amount and lead a comfortable life.

Here we have some top college degrees which show the average salaries as follows. These will surely motivate you to go a long way in your professional career. Have a look!

1) Chemical Engineering

Salary: $66,400

Chemical engineering is for all those who have a love for colorful chemicals, nature and physical sciences. They have a desire to pursue their college degree in chemicals. Chemical engineering deals with physical sciences, life sciences, mathematics and economics to convert the raw materials and chemicals into some valuable products

2) Computer Science

Salary: $64,400

Computer Science deals with the practical and scientific approach to computation and its applications. People who go for computer science as their college degree are one of the highest paid professionals for computations.

3) Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering

Salary: $64,000

Aerospace engineering deals with the research, design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft. It is further divided into aeronautical and astronautical engineering. People who opt for aerospace engineering as their college degree have a passion for aircrafts.

4) Mechanical Engineering

Salary: $62,900

Mechanical engineering is the oldest college degree and the most common one of all times. It applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design manufacturing and maintenance. It deals with heat, mechanical power and operation of machines and tools.

5) Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering

Salary: $62,300

Electrical engineering may include a bit of electronic engineering but it mainly deals with electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It has become one of the most money making college degrees nowadays.

6) Civil Engineering

Salary: $57,600

Civil engineering is also one of the oldest forms of engineering. It deals with the designing, construction and maintenance of physical and natural environment. People who pursue their college degree in civil engineering are bound to work with the bridges, roads and all the construction.

7) Finance

Salary: $57,300

People who have a college degree in finance are likely to make a lot of money. Finance deals with funds management, allocation of assets and liabilities. Finance is comprised of three categories: public finance, corporate finance and personal finance

8) Construction Science/Management

Salary: $56,600

Construction Science/Management deals with the planning, coordination, and control of a project. It comprises of residential, commercial, heavy civil, industrial and environmental sectors. The construction sciences graduates mainly work in the dry and dull environment which basically revolves around all the construction issues.

9) Information Sciences and Systems

Salary: $56,100

Information science is concerned with the analysis, collection, classification, manipulation and storage of information. It combines different parts of all sciences such as commerce, communications, law, and philosophy and etc. Those who have a college degree in information sciences are likely to have a sea of knowledge.

These average salaries might inspire some people to work hard in pursuing their college degrees. All for now!

Stay Blessed!

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