20 Richest Self-Made Women in America In 2016

Self-made richest womanThere are many entrepreneurs, entertainers, politicians, designers, artists, actresses, authors and chefs in America that are self-made and happen to be females if classified over gender. These successful women are measured usually by their total net worth and the way they are living the dream they have put up for themselves. 20 richest self-made women in America in 2016 are as followed!

Richest self-made women in America

Diane Hendricks (net worth: $4.9 billion)

Diane Hendricks - self made female

She is an American entrepreneur, film maker, and humanitarian from Wisconsin. She is the owner of the Hendricks Holding Company and is also serving as chairperson of ABC Supply Co., Inc.

Oprah Winfrey (net worth: $3.2 billion)

Oprah Winfrey self made richest

Oprah is a very well-known media manager, host for different talk shows, performer, producer, and humanitarian. She is majorly acknowledged for her talk show called The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Doris Fisher (net worth: $2.5 billion)

Doris Fisher self made

She is an American entrepreneur and businesswoman who has co-founded The Gap clothing stores and is running it with her husband, Donald Fisher.

Judy Faulkner (net worth: $2.4 billion)

 Judy Faulkner

Judy is the chief executive and creator of Epic Systems which is a healthcare software company situated in Wisconsin.
Johnelle Hunt (net worth: $2.3 billion)
In 1969, she credited five used trucks and seven trailers, and created a company called B. Hunt Transport Services. Today, her company vaunts $6.2 billion in trades and pays nearly 16,000 drivers.

Marian Ilitch (net worth: $2.1 billion)

Marian IlitchMarian is an American entrepreneur and capitalist who is the also the co-founder of Little Caesars Pizza with her spouse, Mike Ilitch.

Meg Whitman (net worth: $2 billion)

 Meg Whitman

Meg is an American commercial executive and is presently the head and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as well as the Chairwoman of HP Inc.

Lynda Resnick (net worth: $2 billion)

Lynda Resnick0

With the help of her company called The Wonderful Company, she owns the POM Wonderful and FIJI Water brands. Moreover she is the owner of Wonderful Citrus, and Wonderful Pistachios.

Jin Sook Chang (net worth: $1.9 billion)

Jin owns a clothing store that she named Fashion 21 in 1984 in Highland Park, Los Angeles alongside her husband Do Won Chang.

Judy Love (net worth: $1.9 billion)

 Judy Love self made

Judy Love along with her husband Tom owns the Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores since 1964.

Gail Miller (net worth: $1.5 billion)

Gail Miller rich female

She is the widow of Larry Miller and is now the CEO of Larry H. Miller Group of Companies and chairman of the Salt Lake Community College.

Peggy Cherng (net worth: $1.5 billion)

Peggy Cherng self made richest females

Peggy Cherng, is the co-founder of the Chinese food restaurant chain Panda Express alongside her husband Andrew.

Elaine Wynn (net worth: $1.5 billion)

Elaine Wynn female self made

She is the owner of Wynn Resorts and is the head of the Nevada State Board of Education and cochairman of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Sheryl Sandberg (net worth: $1.37 billion)

 Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl is an American technology supervisor, businesswomen, activist, and writer. She is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook as well.

Thai Lee (net worth: $1.2 billion)

 Thai Lee

She is the CEO and co-founder of SHI International and is an IT provider whose immense clients include Boeing and AT&T.

Neerja Sethi (net worth: $1.1 billion)

Neerja Sethi self made richest

She owns an IT consulting firm and an outsourcing private business that she runs alongside her husband Bharat Desai.

Sara Blakely (net worth: $1 billion)

Sara Blakely

Sara is an American entrepreneur, businessperson and creator of Spanx which is an American intimate attire corporation with pants and leggings.

Christel DeHaan (net worth: $900 million)

Christel DeHaan

She is currently the cofounder of timeshare pioneer Resort Condominiums International with her spouse Jon.

Tory Burch (net worth: $750 million)

Tory Burch

Tory is an exclusive fashion designer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian of America who has earned numerous fashion rewards for her designs and styles.

Eren Ozmen (net worth: $750 million)

 Eren Ozmen

She is the owner of Sierra Nevada Corporation with her husband Fatih Ozmen.

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