Top 10 Poorest Nations of the World in 2014

togo poorest countries in 2014

Poverty and hunger have always been the real enemy of human life and as we see our society developing, there are a few countries that are suffering even the worse.  We have been sharing much on nations which need to have an attention on and off and here we are again with a list of top 10 poorest nations of the world in 2014. Have a look!


GDP Per Capita: $348

Congo poorestnation

This central African country tops the list of the poorest people in the world having capita per income last of all. It is the 11th largest in size and 19th in terms of populations. Though it has the richest mining sites of silver gold, diamond, tin and nearly 70% of all minerals in the word, the people are still deprived of jobs and food. It is estimated that it has over $20 trillion minerals and few companies owe $88 million to Congo, it’s time to return the favor to Congo by those mining companies to eliminate the thirst of hunger.


GDP Per Capita: $487

zimbabwe poorest nation

It could never stand out of the list as it is one of those countries that has faced may civil wars, destroying the infrastructure, damaging means of earning together with the worst leaders which made the economic condition even worst. The land is blessed with various natural reserves that it can improve its economy in no time but nothing could be done to improve the standard of living due to an extreme level of corruption. Besides money comes with experience and skills, here people never get to see life after a mean age of 35 because of death by HIV and AIDS.


GDP Per Capita: $456

liberia poorest nation

The land colonize, rule and power by prisoners and slaves of America. It’s the only estate which was never invaded by European rulers and so with the lack of a perfect ruler comes the mismanagement and quarrels leading to wars. The main reason behind the drowning of state are the civil wars affecting the land. The condition of poverty and starvation has gone to an extent that 80% of the population live below $1aday.


GDP Per Capita: $600

nigeria poorest nation

Nigeria could never stand out of the list because it does not believe in equality. It is the only country that has greatest gender discrimination issues and political instabilities thus making it a very hard place for old, women and children to survive. The country has hot sandy dunes which no hope for cultivation making it unbearable to live.


GDP Per Capita: $615

Burundi poorest nation

The country has many serious issues to be held responsible than its land locking property. The majority of the population is deprived of clean water thus they are victim to various diseases and out of many HIV and AIDS have serious concerns. Poor legal system, high rate of corruption, lack of economic freedom and the water within homes that has rotten the roots of the country leaving people to suffer.

6)Central African Republic

GDP Per Capita: $768

central african republic poorestnation

A victory can turn into a defeat with a single mistake by a ruler and could be devastating enough to kill thousand innocent people, that’s exactly what happen in Africa. The country is based on agriculture and is studded with gold, diamond, crude oil and uranium still people have no money to buy food. 45% of the population do not even have more than a dollar to spend in a day.


GDP Per Papita: $777

eritrea poorest naton

The country owns the gateway, the famous Suez Canal. Thousands of ships pass Suez Canal and crosses the gateway, still the people are poor because the land have been ruled for centuries by intruders. It is mainly infected and colonize by British and Italian’s products so the domestic could never grow.

8)Sierra Leone

GDP Per Capita: $849

sierra leone poorest nation

It is hard to believe hat a country who is blessed with a world’s largest natural harbor, where shipping and exchange from all over the world is free with gold and diamond industries still considered as the poorest country. You will be surprised to know that it has high class titanium, diamond, and bauxite.


GDP Per Capita: $860

malawi poorest country

Malawi has gone through a recession when the investments fell 23%, the IMF and many individual stopped aid disturbances on the basis of increase corruption in the land. But in 2006 the relief was approved under Heavily Indebted Poor Countries program and so the US also granted the eligibility for the country to receive funds within the Millennium Challenge Corporation in a hope to decrease death from hunger.


GDP Per Capita: $899

togo poorest country

The economy mainly depends upon agriculture but the poor land makes it harder for money to grow. It has the most delicious coca and so exports the world’s best cocoa beans, coffee beans, cotton. The IMF encouraged foreign exchange halted over the issue of political instability which disrupt the vital economy, shrank the tax bases and jeopardize the reform program which devastated the economy. Togo is among the largest producer of phosphate.

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