10 Masterminds Behind the Success of Google

Masterminds Behind the Success of GoogleGoogle now work as a brain for million and billions of people all around the world and is now a part of providing awareness to the people in every segment of life.  While Google is providing a smooth online business to  100s of bloggers all over the world with its Adsense programs, let us now see who are the real people behind this business.

Here are Top 10 masterminds behind the success of Google, have a look!

10. Joe Sriver

Position: Interface designer

Skills: Planning the UI designs for the products of Google

Salary: Not available

Joe Sriver  mind behind google success

He also led his services in the UI designing of Google’s AdSense, videos and printed images and also worked with the taskbar and shortcuts of the Gmail’s keyboard as well.

9. Paul Buchheit

Position: Computer programmer

Skills: Inventor and lead designer of Gmail

Net Worth: 600 million dollars

Paul Buchheit mind behind google success

He is the man behind the development of Gmail and has also been working as a prototype for the AdSense of Google industry.

8. Andy Bechtolsheim:

Position: Investor in Google

Skills: Electrical engineering and hardware designing

Net Worth: $3 billion

Andy Bechtolsheim mind behind google success

He is also the main intelligence behind the SUN enterprises and workstation and has also invested around 100,000 dollars in Google projects.

7. L. John Doerr:

Position: Advisor and investor

Skills: Venture capitalist

Net Worth: $2.9 billion

L. John Doerr mind behind google success

He has been among the board of directors for as long as 1999 and has joined Google ventures to fund the google glass startups.

6. Susan Wojcicki:

Position: SVP of Google products and AdSense

Skills: Product management and advertising

Net Worth: $10 million

Susan Wojcickimind behind google success

She is the leader of all the products of Google, AdWords, AdSense and analytics etc. in 2013 she was accountable for the 87% revenue of the company and so is included in the list of Forbes 100 most powerful women in the world.

5. Marissa Mayer:

Position: VP of local services

Skills: Product management and online advertising

Net Worth: $1 million

Marissa Mayer mind behind google success

She is also the president and the chief executive of yahoo and is 32nd most powerful woman of the world according to Forbes magazine.

4. Eric Schmidt:

Position: Executive chairman of Google

Skills: Cloud computing and software engineering

Net Worth: $8.3 billion

Eric Schmidt mind behind google success

He became the CEO of google during the year 2001 but selling his shares off on a monthly basis but still owns around 1.7% of entire stake.

3. Larry Page:

Position: Pioneer of Google

Skills: Management plan and safety manager

Net Worth: $24.9 billion

Larry Page mind behind google success

He is the cofounder of the company Google and is on number 17 on Forbes list of most powerful people in the world.

2. David C. Drummond:

Position: Senior VP of Google

Skills: Software applications


David C. Drummond mastermind behind google success

He has been appointed at the designation since 2006 and has also served as a chief financial officer at various educational software applications corporations.

1. Sergey Brin:

Position: Google cofounder

Skills: Internet entrepreneur

Net Worth: $24.4 billion

Sergey Brin mind behind google success

He works as a power duo and is busy in helming the Google X division and Google glass.

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