5 Reasons Why You Will NOT Use Facebook After 2 years

Why You Will NOT Use FacebookFacebook is a big-A real big company which has now made its policies clear that its soul aim is to create business, earn business and yet, enjoy business. Who knew ten years ago that a small private corporate would make itself as the leading online business in the field of social media, and really, who knows where Facebook would be after a couple of years may be. We had been examining the traits of this social media very closely in last few months and after researching much on its long lasting statistics; it is easy to conclude that Facebook users who now love this social media to the fullest would hardly be using Facebook after two years from now.

Confused? Let us make it simpler for you, have a look!

Decreasing rate of Facebook Users

Interestingly, it was David Ebersman, chief financial officer of Mark Zuckerberg, who stated in one of his authentic posts, saying:

“we did see a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens.”

Moreover, as per the demographics, about 42% of the teens preferred Facebook as their major social media choice which then decreased to 33% by spring and has further dropped to 23% now. If you are a wise user and keep your hands on latest social media moves, you must know the reasons are behind.

Here are 5 major reasons why you will not use Facebook after, say, two years!

1) Privacy at risk!

Orkut lost its charm to Facebook for Facebook’s added security and privacy feature which got highlighted among the casual social media users. However, it is always difficult to keep a balance between business generation and customer satisfaction and seems like Zuckerberg’s business is not doing good at it.

Facebook’s privacy is seriously a threat to girls especially. It might sound absurd but despite of all the features and login requirements offered by Facebook, there are professional hackers who are hacking the Facebook profiles using expensive softwares and invading private content of users, violating the terms and conditions of Facebook the team.

Facebook profile hacked

Hilarious enough to make you smile, just a month ago, a friend’s ID got hacked by a professional hacker(Mr. Hacker A) and he stole all her pictures (including mine) and misused them to the best of his abilities. What happened next would be shared in the later part of the post.

On the cut, Facebook seems no more a reliable media to share private content and amazingly, people are gradually realizing it.

2) Facebook Team Help – A complete failure

Ever tried Facebook to test its reliability? If not then here is a task for you. Try pretending that you have forgotten your password and want to get back the hold of your profile. There are chances that you might also have forgotten the email address affiliated to the profile too. In this case, all you will see, is a total rigidness of Facebook which will finally make you doom to a page asking you to submit your Nationality card and scanned documents for verification. Even doing so might not help you out as the idea has been failed badly in past.

Facebook Ends Mark Zuckerberg

On the contrary, Facebook’s new privacy policies show a real stubborn head behind when it comes to removing something which is shared by some other user. Let’s get back to the story I shared in point 1. Mr. Hacker A uploaded my friend’s picture on an idiotic private group and when she reported the picture, what she received was a message from Facebook that there is nothing wrong in the picture and the share do not violates their terms and conditions.

This means that once your content is copied, it can then be published anywhere, on any site, even on Facebook too. Who to question, who to answer, it then becomes a riddle which hardly can ever be solved.

Just because you are lucky one probably and haven’t witness this, really doesn’t mean that the global Facebook audience is at ease and can enjoy facebooking, sharing their content online, open to be attacked and misuse anytime.

3) Report a Problem-Is a Problem

*Giggles*! Now here comes one of the most interesting reasons in my list. There is NO WAY to communicate with Facebook anyway. Did you know that? Writing an email and spreading your word and concerns to the respective authorities is no more possible with the built-in ‘Select option’. Facebook previously had an answering email address as info@facebook.com which is no more functional now. Try sending an email on this and you will see they are not interested in listening to you at all. In fact, they will reply you with an email, notifying you that the service has expired and you should select options and choose most alike issue by ‘reporting it’.

Scenarios differ from person to person and if you think your case is a gone case, then better leave it as it because there is nothing ‘special’ which would be done to solve your matter.

The difficulty of reporting and interacting with the team has recently created a sense of ignorance among the users who have been a victim by now and are really utilizing Facebook alternates.

4) Facebook- make money policy

The old idea of the story has completely vanished now. It might be written somewhere in the mission or a vision statement of the company but as a practical principle, it is only MAKE MONEY by cashing the audience for the advertising program. The sooner the users will start realizing the real strategy, the quicker they are likely to shift to the alternatives.



The idea to converge the world at a single place has earned all its good part by now and what is seen as a remainder is a threat to privacy. With Facebook as the soul social media platform, it is not possible to keep your business, personal and friendly life separate. Think of situation when your boss or a teacher reads the holy crap written on your wall by a friend or a motherly post read by your bully friends. It seems that the users have suffered much so far and it is easy to predict that the remaining 23% of the teen users will too opt for a better social media platform soon.

So readers, this is all for now, the reasons and analysis may vary from person to person but there is one thing for sure that Facebook really needs to reconsider its plan else it wouldn’t be a new chapter of watching it doomed just like Nokia did!

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