How to make Restaurant Reservations on Facebook?

How to make Restaurant Reservations on Facebook In the previous days, making a restaurant reservation required some extra work such as making a phone call or going to a restaurant personally but with Facebook and awesome smartphones, you just don’t need to worry! All you have to do is login to Facebook, choose your favorite restaurant and make a reservation just by a click. Facebook is working each day to make lives easier and more comfortable for all its users. With more apps like OpenTable joining hands with Facebook, it is making its way to the top. Very soon Facebook will be launching this new app which will allow you to make reservations online!

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Restaurant Reservations on Facebook


Restaurant Reservations on Facebook

Once again, Facebook is back with a bang! Facebook will be launching a new service to help all the Facebook users around the globe in near future. With Facebook, you will be able to make restaurant reservations right from your smartphone! This new trend will be flooding you very soon!

Restaurant reservations on Facebook can be made using the Facebook’s ‘Nearby Places’ function. This feature is a part of new integration with OpenTable that allows you to make online reservations at about 20,000 US restaurants. Soon, bookings can be made on the mobile website and you won’t be redirected to any location. It will be very easy and very convenient for all the food lovers!

About restaurant reservations on Facebook, its spokesman says:

The company plans to gauge use and performance before rolling it out to other platforms, like the desktop.

How to Reserve a Table Online?


OpenTable Reservation on Facebook

Restaurant reservations on Facebook will make lives easier for all. Using the restaurant’s mobile page, you can find an OpenTable button below the address of the restaurant. Those users, who want to reserve a table, will be given the availability options and the related details. Once they are done with reservations, Facebook begins its work. It automatically fills in the user’s name, email address and phone number in order to send a confirmation mail. Making a reservation was never this easy! All thanks to restaurant reservations on Facebook. A Facebook spokesperson says:

It’s all about making pages “more useful and actionable for people”

Why should you opt for Online Reservations?


Make Restaurant Reservation on Facebook

Using this new feature of Facebook will be very convenient and helpful for most of the people. There is no bad side to it; all is good and useful for the Facebook users. Everyone should opt for restaurant reservations on Facebook for the following reasons:

  • This new app uses the function of ‘Nearby Places’ to find restaurants in your arena.
  • You can use this app without leaving the Facebook app to make reservations.
  • These reservations will not generate any posts in your News Feed.
  • There is no need to open a new browser window to complete a booking. It is far more seamless than the OpenTable partners.
  • Your reservations will not be shared with your friends.
  • This great app will be handy for both the Facebook users and business.
  • No additional sign up or registration will be required for all the Facebook users.

With restaurant reservations on Facebook, your outings and dinners will be far more comfy and well-organized. Waiting eagerly for this cool app!

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