5 Things you must do to make your Facebook Fan Page a Big Hit!

5 Things you must do to make your Facebook Fan Page a Big Hit! Making a Facebook Fan Page is not a big deal. However, maintaining it and keeping it up to the current standards and demands is what matters most. Facebook is cluttered with various fan pages with no real purpose behind it. Therefore, if you need to stand out the crowd then you will have to do something different. Make your Facebook fan page something extraordinary and attract great traffic towards it. In order to make your fan pages a huge success, we are sharing 5 cool tips to improve your page.

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1) Optimize your Profile Picture

Your profile page is your identity on Facebook. People recognize you from what you have as your profile picture. Therefore, your profile picture must not have any links, contact numbers or email addresses. It should be plain image representing your brand. This is a poor example of a profile picture.

Profile Picture

If you follow some big brands, you will find a consistent profile picture through out the internet. They have the same brand logo on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc. Your profile picture appears quite small in your conversations and news feeds which makes it difficult to read the text. So avoid using all sorts of texts and make your profile picture simple yet eye catching!

2) Optimize your Cover Photo

Since the launch of news feed and cover photo layout, cover photos have played an immense role in attracting customers towards your page. It has become vital to fully utilize your cover photo and make it worth the effort. Cover photo is the biggest and best branding opportunity for you! Don’t miss this golden opportunity! Play with it well!

Whenever someone likes a page, it shows up in the news feed of other friends and this ‘Like Story’ has a cropped version of your cover photo. Therefore, it must be concrete enough to attract the viewers within seconds. If you fail to do so then you will surely lose your fans and customers. So you better work on your cover photo like you do on your profile picture!

Cover Photo for Facebook Fan Page

This is how your cover photo appears in news feed of others.

3) Choose an Appropriate Category

Your about section plays the real game when a certain user lands on to your fan page. About section must contain a link to your website and valid details about your brand, product and services. Choose your category wisely and make its about section according to it. Add some keywords to allow people to get to know you better and draw great traffic towards your site.

4) Remove all the Useless Apps

The main purpose of using an apps tab to drive traffic to your website and gather leeds. However, if it is doing anything other than that then you probably are distracting your own fans and customers. Using Pinterest can be a good option though. The less tabs you have, the better!

5) Stop Over Posting!

Over posting never helps! It only confuses your fans and drives less traffic and less engagements to your page. The more often you post, the more are the chances of your posts being missed. Posting 20 times per day will definitely cause people to miss out on the important stuff. You should better post 3 times per day or if people from different time zones are a part of your page then you must keep their time ine mind. It is just the right timing that matters!

If you keep these 5 basic things in mind then your Facebook Fan Page will surely be a big hit! All for now!

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